Korea seeks US, Japanese dialogue over DPRK

Korea seeks US, Japanese dialogue over DPRK

SEOUL. — South Korea is seeking a video conference between top military commanders from the United States and Japan next month over the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)’s recent nuclear test.

Jeon Ha-Kyu, spokesman of South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a press briefing yesterday that working-level discussions are under way to hold a meeting next month between Joint Chiefs of Staff chairmen from the United States, Japan and South Korea.

The three sides are seeking a video conference currently, but details on the timing and the form of their meeting hasn’t been fixed yet, Jeon said. The push for military cooperation between Seoul, Washington and Tokyo came after Pyongyang’s claim on Jan. 6 that it tested its first hydrogen bomb, the fourth since it began an atomic bomb test in 2006. South Korea, the United States and Japan will share military intelligence to prevent the DPRK’s nuclear and missile threats, Seoul’s defense ministry spokesman Kim Min-Seok told a press briefing.

Kim said the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea and the United States are continuing discussion on the deployment of US strategic assets on the Korean peninsula as a show of force against the DPRK’s bomb test.

Four days after Pyongyang’s latest nuclear test, the United States flew a B-52 bomber over South Korea to protest the nuclear provocation. The long-range bomber, which can drop conventional bombs and also launch cruise missiles for a precision strike, flew back to its base in Guam after the fly-over. — Xinhua.

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