Knowing essential pieces for rainy season

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Knowing essential pieces for rainy season You can choose to match your umbrella with your outfit, but the secret is to wear darker colours

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo
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They say that the month of November is a sacred month, but it’s a good thing that doesn’t apply in the fashion world.

So yesterday our Black Friday started and will end in a week and this will give locals more time to shop.

The actual date for Black Friday is November 27.

Black Friday refers to the day after Thanksgiving and is symbolically seen as the start of the critical holiday shopping season.

Historically, Black Friday was also a day in 1869 in which the price of gold tanked and stock markets tumbled in response.

It depends with the store, but usually prices are reduced to clear the stock for that particular day. Well, I hope you maximise and grab something as the holidays begin.

We may be happy about Black Friday, but we should be more excited.

That is also the time the rains  begin.

Yes, our rains do not signify the end of summer, in fact we are still in summer just that the picnic and barbecues honeymoon is over unless you want to decide to do it in the garage.

The only worry now you should be concerned about is wardrobe.

How do you dress for the rainy season?

I know it might not be easy for a quick shift that is from t-shirts, shorts to track-suits among others.

However, just because we are now smart enough to expect these rains anytime soon according to our Meteorological service and that does not stop you from looking stylish.

According to Fashion Guide, when dressing for the rainy season, there are rules to keep in mind such as no super-absorbent canvas shoes, ditch the colourful attires and remember to layer.

Yes you can always check on high sneakers, gumboots and canvas tennis shoes.

Thread stylist, Kasia Katner said that make sure you pick the right pieces and balance the fashion statements.

“There is a fine balance to be struck between practicality and aesthetics.

It can often be that the more weatherproof something is, the less appropriate it is anywhere,” she said.

I strongly agree with her because dressing for the season is an art but you need to understand your environment.

I know it will be raining and cold but that should not make you dress like you are an eskimo.

In Zimbabwe our temperatures won’t drop to 0 degrees Celsius, so leave those faux fur for winter unless you are in Russia.

Here are some of the essential pieces that you need to take care note and keep you dry and stylish:


There are light coats for summer that you need to move around with so that you do not catch colds.

You can even always have a long cardigan jersey that can replace a coat.

Besides even if you get wet, you still keep warm with a coat or jersey.

Umbrellas and raincoats

This one is difficult with men because that is one thing they usually forget unless it is raining then they move with one.

Try find a pocket or purse umbrella and one mistake many people make is, they regard an umbrella as an accessory, not a tool.

When it comes to fashion, play along your umbrella colours as it spices up your outfit.

Some suggest that look for shades that depict your mood, that is if you are fashion conscious.

Play around with colourful waterproof too, the raincoat. Since waterproof material is wiped clean, you can afford to brighten up. Yellow and green are the in thing this season.

Wear darker shades this season

Now this is the time to flaunt darker colours.

It is true that darker fabrics are best in wet weather, because light shades splotch and stain when they get damp.

“Black is ideal, because even if you forget your umbrella and get soaked, the water marks won’t show up,” said Kasia.

She said that waxed jeans might seem wise when it is pouring, but over time they get shiny.

Even if you want to spot a t-shirt on casual days, try to wear darker shades so that when you get soaked noone will notice the stain and besides light fabrics work because it dries faster and not heavy.

For the formal sector, if you want to wear a suit still choose darker colours then blend with a colourful tie piece accessory.

Ponytail hairstyles and wigs, shower caps

My colleague once told me that wigs, weaves and rains do not mix unless it is 100 percent synthetic human hair.

To those who can’t afford real hair, make sure you always carry a showercap that is your protection for the hair.

For those with longhair, either you do the popular Kim Kardashian bunny or ponytail as this serves you on a wet day.

Besides you still look good and  stylish.

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