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mining. He authored the books, The Greatness Manual and Fountain of Inspiration.
Born on July 19, 1973, in Mwenezi District in Masvingo, Shumba attended Chitanga Primary School in Chivi. Since he was always getting higher grades in class, the school authorities recommended that he be skipped grade four, a development that saw him spend only six years in primary school.

In primary school, Shumba used to walk barefoot for about 6km to school and after completing primary education, he went to Lundi High School where he used to walk for about 10km to and from school.

His Father, Elimon Tagwirei Mapuranga, had three wives. Shumba was the first born from the second wife. His father’s children used different surnames among them Shumba, Mapuranga, Musariwa and Sibanda. When his father passed on, Shumba was left with 14 siblings to take care of.

Shumba’s father was a builder, carpenter, painter, plumber, and a peasant farmer. His mother, Dainah Mapuranga, who Shumba says is the most intelligent woman he has ever known still resides in Masvingo. She is a farmer.

“My father was a great farmer and he also built the primary school that I went to. Though his business was not very big, it was enough to sustain his family but many people do not believe me when I say that I never knew shoes until I was almost 16, years old” Shumba said.

After passing his Ordinary Level, he enrolled at Belvedere Teachers College where he trained as a computer science teacher. Though computing was not very popular in his village, Shumba went on to complete the course as he had always been a person who loved taking risks.

After he completed his teacher training course where he came out tops, he was employed by CompuServe where he worked for two years before he moved to Anglo-American where he worked for six years. He also managed to set up his own company, InfoTech  Solutions, which by 2003, had grown and after six years at CompuServe, he went into doing his own thing and concentrated on his company full time.

After almost seven years running his company, he handed over the company to some youngsters who were working for him.

“In 2009 I was leading a 200 member church choir at Celebration Church and I used to encourage people to participate through text messages and the people were really motivated. Many people really loved the encouraging messages I used to send them and that is when my light bulb switched on,” he said.

Shumba, whose motto is “I exist to create greatness in others” later became a full-time life coach and created The Greatness Factory Trust, a non-profit organisation which does career development and assists those who are “yet to realise their purpose in life”.

Shumba has been to the United States of America, United Kingdom, Zambia, Swaziland, Botswana, and South Africa on speaking missions, where he would do motivational talks and life coaching. Locally, he has also spoken at corporate functions, youth organisations and churches.

When Shumba took up full-time life coaching, he created a BlogSpot for his inspirational and motivational talk. He would also communicate through the many social media sites available but he felt he still wanted to do more.

He wrote his first book, The Greatness Manual: Recipes for perpetual success and the book serve to guide you through one of life’s adventures, that is finding one’s purpose for existence. In the book, Shumba unravels vital nuggets in an easy to read manner.

The book tells of his own journey from the remote and rural beginnings in Masvingo, overcoming life’s many challenges, obstacles and limitations that he faced as he grew up to become a successful entrepreneur and champion of inspiration.

Shumba’s second book the Fountain of Inspiration,  which he says is a reservoir that flows in the direction of your life coordinates be it personal, career, business relational or simply your quest for success, provides you with inspiration that moves you to action.

The book which Shumba says he wrote on a phone because of his busy schedule, took him about three months to complete. The book also helps those who are in the habit of procrastinating to begin to think deeper about specific issues they may have been postponing.

“I realised there were a lot of means of communication that I could use but I also came to realise that books can outlive me and I can still be able to touch lives years after I am gone. My books can be read by anyone from a lazy reader to a serious one,” shumba said.

Apart from the two books he has already published and the one he expects to publish in February, Shumba has also co-authored the book — 101 Great Ways To Enhance your Career — with 100 other international authors. He was the only African among the authors that included the likes of Brian Tracy from California USA, Dr John Stanko, Charlotte Weeks and Natalie Menendez.

He also contributes articles to Performance 360, a magazine published in the USA and The Turnaround Journal in German.

He is married to Jackie and they have two children Chantelle (13) and Nontokozo (9). He holds a Bachelor of Business Studies degree, Diploma in Education and is a qualified Competence trainer. He is also reading towards a PhD in Leadership.

Shumba says his books are an inspiration to move you from where you are to your desired destiny. “I desire to see people living a maximised life and reaching their full potential,” he said.

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