Kireni shows versatility in debut book

Kireni shows versatility in debut book

Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
Kireni Zulu is a musician with hilarious songs that makes people laugh their lungs out.

Songs “Majaira Zvekunonga” and “Muzvibate” are among his tracks that bring lighter moments to the listeners.

The King of Marabhi music, as the musician is fondly known, has proved he is multi-talented through writing a book titled “Miromo Yevakuru” that was launched in Harare recently.

The book has comic moments and addresses issues that affect the society daily.

Through a story of a young man Joramu who is expelled from school after impregnating his girlfriend Evenia, the author uses his knowledge to warn the youth from wrongdoings.

Joramu goes to his sister in Marondera trying to find a job but his brother-in-law refuses to accommodate him.

He goes to stay with his brother Peter in Harare but they do not get on well and Joramu ends up travelling to his father’s brother VaNjege at How Mine near Bulawayo.

It was during that time when he meets Lucky Purazi who becomes his friend.

As they go looking for jobs they meet another character Jemias who is a recruiting agent for the thieves Jah Roby and Devimores in Bulawayo.

The author gives his best in trying to expose how young people misguide themselves ending up in troubles.

His father’s brother tries to do his best in giving advice to the young man but Joramu refuses.

Joramu and Lucky join Jemias and they are promised heaven on earth.

Interestingly the young man had lied to his guardians that he has found a job at a local company that would pay him handsomely.

He gets much money and even supports his family until luck runs out for him.

Joramu is caught trying to steal from a rich man at a hotel in Bulawayo and gets arrested with all his works exposed.

The author ends his sad story with Joramu’s wife, his poor parents and his brother coming to see him in prison.

The 102-page novel which incorporates three languages — Shona, Ndebele and English — was co-edited by Paul Mushumbi and James Chitamba and published by ZPH Publishers.

The author is happy that 22-years later since his first project was rejected by College Press he has managed to launch a book.

Kireni wishes to blend theatre and music during his live performances as a way of marketing his works.

He has so far recorded seven albums namely “Panyika Pano”, “Mazai Adhimba”, “Nyevero”, “Vhura Chivharo”, “Mupata Wachidembo”, “Marabi Music” and “Sekuru”.

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