King Kandoro to spread laughter amid Covid

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King Kandoro to spread laughter amid Covid King Kandoro

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Comedian King Kandoro real, name Mukudzei Kandoro Majoni, is set to have his inaugural stand-up comedy tour in Harare and Bulawayo.

The self-funded tour will be held under Covid-19 regulations on December 22 in Bulawayo and December 24 in Harare.

Dubbed “The Prodigal Son”, the tour is the first the comedian is performing in different parts of the country.

“The Prodigal Son” tour is a follow up on his debut comedy special, ‘‘Conspiracy Theories’’.

“This tour is a follow up on my debut comedy special ‘Conspiracy Theories’ which I performed in December 2019 to a sold out show at Reps Theatre. ‘The Prodigal Son’ is a story heavily premised on the concept of finding your way ‘home’, amidst the confusion and delight that comes with being an adult, a husband, a father in a foreign land,” said King Kandoro.

He said this would be his first comedy tour.

“This is going to be the first time that I have done something of this kind, even though I have performed in and around Zimbabwe,” he said.

“The major difference is the intentionality in the tour, there’s a benchmark in terms of quality that I have set for myself which I intend to replicate in these different cities.

“The comedy tour starts in December. So far the confirmed dates are 22 and 24 December in Bulawayo and Harare respectively, but if Covid-19 regulations allow, we are going to try and add some shows in Gweru, Vic Falls and possibly Masvingo.”

King Kandoro said Covid-19 inspired him to put up a tour so that people can laugh and forget about the pandemic for a moment.

“I love comedy, I love it for the joy that it brings to me, the joy that I see it bringing to people, I love the power that it has to start very important conversations,” said King Kandoro.

“The past two years have been hard on everyone, and I would love to play my part in bringing some cheer, especially considering that it’s the festive season.”

King Kandoro said he was going on the tour with a number of comedians.

“I am going to be performing alongside some incredible talents like MaForty and Jaha Lezansi in Bulawayo, Andrew Manyika and Louis The Prince in Harare. Hopefully we can add some ladies to the line up as well.”

King Kandoro said he always believed that he was a comedian from a younger age.

“As a profession, my career started in 2015, but I believe I’ve always been a comedian,” he said. “It’s the one consistent thing that I would get told either by relatives or at school. It’s the number one reason I was getting into trouble.

“I don’t have to try to be funny, it actually takes a lot of effort to take things seriously because my default setting is to find humour in everything.”

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