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King 98 joins elite team on US project

29 Jun, 2020 - 00:06 0 Views
King 98 joins elite team on US project King 98

The Herald

Arts Reporter
Hip-hop singer King 98 has made a mark after joining popular African musicians in a live broadcast that made waves online.

In a live online show that featured African singers 2Baba and Ice Prince, King 98 made a statement about local art. The event was one of most viewed programmes online last weekend.

King 98 said he is happy to be associated with some of the best African musicians.

“It is good that I have worked with popular musicians on the continent. I have worked with musicians like Davido and Diamiond Platnumz and the response has been good. These are my elders in the industry and I am privileged to be associated with them,” said King 98.

He said the support he has been getting from the local hip hop scene has led him to scale higher heights.

“I have been working with various local musicians and we have many collaborations in the pipeline. I have discussed many deals with local musicians and the international stars have also shown their trust in me. I believe our music will go a long way because of the support. Hip hop music has young follower and I believe young musicians have a future in this genre.”

King 98 has been in the limelight in the Covid-19 lockdown era after assisting a number of musicians that have been facing difficulties.

He said the current project with other international artistes has exposed him to competitive music.

“Going on the same platform with 2Baba and Ice Prince means that many music followers are following talent from young singers. I am privileged to be one of the young singers on the limelight. I know that our music has potential to conquer the hip hop world and we will do our best to keep Zimbabwe on the international hip hop map.”

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