Killer T unveils new album KILLER-T


Tawanda Marwizi: Arts Correspondent

Dancehall star Kelvin “Killer T” Kusikwenyu launched his second album “Bvunzai Tinzwe” at Mbare Netball Complex on Saturday. The album has tracks “Bvunza Tinzwe”, “Dai Maigona Kunamata”’ “Hauchateerera”, “Kugara Newe”, “Mafans Angu”, “Mutoro Warema” , “Ndisungei “Nhaiwe Rufu”, “Umwe Wangu “Vakandinyararira”, “Vana Vangu” ,”Vanorohwa Nemabeers” and “Wakandigona”.It is yet to be seen if the second album will rise to the level set by his previous project “Ngoma Ndaimba” that bagged several awards and corporate deals. The musician who was a tout said he would not stop working hard to please his fans.

“We bring you another album after the success of ‘Ngoma Ndaimba’. I will not stop pleasing my fans,” he said.

His back ground has inspired most of his songs.

“I have already set new trends with ‘Ngoma Ndaimba’ solid messages as well as good arrangement of songs. We have managed to do the same on this album,” he said.

The artiste, who rose to fame with his popular “Tirikumhanya” song, thanked thousands of people that thronged the venue and other musicians that performed at the event.

“I am happy people came in their numbers despite the wet weather. I value that support and we have a song dedicated to our lovely fans,” he said.

On the launch several artistes gave thrilling performances with Seh Calaz proving he is one of the best performers in the country. Freeman, Blot Hwindi President, new kid on the block Bontoman, D Flex, Silent Killer and T Makwikwi were among the performers on the night.

Fans went wild when Killer T jumped on stage and gave an energitic performance. His play list of old and new songs sent fans into delirium with most asking for more. Fans ended up singing along most to of the songs from the album.

“This is a humbling experience seeing fans singing along the songs on the first day of the release,” he said.

Meanwhile, a massive album release party has been set for the 24th of this month in the capital.


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