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‘Kendall, Kylie’ game hits charts

‘Kendall, Kylie’ game hits charts

KendallCOOL RELOADED with Swagga T
Well done CHIPAWO and thank you NAMA. Next on line is the ZIMA, not sure this is for you.

Children Performing Arts Workshop (CHIPAWO) put up a superb show last weekend at the National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA), proving that they are the next big thing to happen in the arts sector.

Eight-year-old Rufaro Chipango was the main star when she went on stage and drove the whole auditorium into a frenzy.

We told you before, that it was just a matter of time for them to be given an opportunity to showcase their talent.

Well done CHIPAWO and thank you NAMA.

Next on line is the ZIMA, not sure this is for you.

The awards season is continuing.

The Grammy’s were done and congrats to our girl Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars for scooping major Awards.

Oops, Ciara’s dress was too much or is that too little for the show.

Nominations for the 10th Annual South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) were announced last on Thursday.

Congrats to all nominees.

So the news on the famous cele sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner has been topping on our social media as the duo now own a mobile game that has sky rocketed on Apple charts.

The brunettes are thrilled after their mobile game went straight to No. 1 on the Apple App store.

The reality siblings launched their new game, entitled “Kendall and Kylie”, on both Apple and Google Play on Wednesday and within hours it had topped the charts.

Taking to Instagram with a screen grab of the chart placing, Kylie wrote: “We are number 1 people!!!!!! #kendallkyliegame !!!!!!.”

The sisters’ mother Kris Jenner shared the same image, writing: “Congrats to my 2 babies!! #1!!!! #proudmama!! thanks @glumobile for the amazing partnership! #kendallkyliegame.”

Kendall and Kylie is a spin-off of their half-sister Kim Kardashian West’s popular Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game, which launched two years ago.

The game is free and takes fans on an interactive adventure through Hollywood, with users able to customise their characters and interact with the Jenner sisters and their friends.

A week left before the month of February ends and Box Office never runs dry on tele gamevision.

Moving on to theatres, you have a lot of choices when it comes not only to which movies you’re going to watch each month but also where and how you’re going to watch them.

Blu-ray, DVD, streaming, cable, Laser disc — the future is now, and the options are endless.

Here is our pick this week, “The Witch”, was released on Thursday world-wide. The movie was written and directed by Robert Eggers and stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson and Kate Dickie among others.

Reason why it is a must-see is because we have been checking its hotline bling and forth-comings.

It is a chillingly atmospheric horror film that champions mood and setting as it slowly drags you downward to hell, but don’t let its methodical pacing fool you.

Your heart will be racing before it stops completely.

Too bad I am not into horror movies.

Our gadget of the week goes to an Anicorn’s Series K452 watch which uses a planet revolving around a star to tell the seconds.

Yes, we’re fond of watches that use a concentric dial, providing a novel and interesting way of telling the time.

A trio of concentric circles serve as the watch face, each one individually rotating to indicate the hours, minutes, and seconds, respectively.

To read time, simply check which hour and minute indicators are aligned at the single engraved line at the top of the watch, although the seconds disc rotate on a world on its own (basically, it spins like a traditional seconds hand).

So if you think you have the SWAG, why not get one in some of the local shops.

It is selling from US$$249 so you can get one for yourself depends on your savings.

Kanye West has one but not sure of any local celebrities.

Till next week, keep reloading.

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