Katsimberis fraud trial deferred, awaiting High Court review

Prosper Dembedza Herald Correspondent

The fraud trial for George Katsimberis has been deferred to March 12, pending a High Court review in his urgent chamber court application, challenging the magistrate’s decision to dismiss his application to have Prosecutor Mr Michael Reza testify as his witness.

During the previous sittings, Mr Reza put it to Katsimberis that his request for a Greek interpreter was just meant to annoy the court.

Katsimberis is accused of building a showroom in Borrowdale without an approved building plan resulting in the showroom being demolished.

Mr Reza said Katsimberis had so far testified in three cases at the Harare Magistrate Court in English language.

Mr Reza said Katsimberis initially pleaded using English before Harare Magistrate Mrs Letween Rwodzi but went on to seek the services of a Greek interpreter when the case was taken over by Mrs Vongai Guwuriro.

Mr Reza also accused George Katsimberis of forging a court record which he later submitted in court as the court transcript.

While cross-examining Katsimberis on his application for referral to the Apex Court of the matter, Mr Reza said the contents in the transcript that Katsimberis submitted to the court were forged.

Mr Reza accused Katsimberis of submitting a manufactured document as a court transcript to scandalize the court.

“You created this document. There is nothing official in this document. You forged it and submitted it in court because you want to scandalize the court,” he said.

Mr Reza suggested that Katsimberis typed the document in town to hoodwink the court.

Mr Reza put it to Katsimberis that his rights were never infringed in this trial, saying all had been done above board as all the rules had been followed and nothing can be referred to the Concourt.

On the other hand, Katsimberis is insisting that he will not get a fair trial with Mr Reza prosecuting.

He said Mr Reza was in the habit of infringing his constitutional rights.

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