Katsimberis application dismissed Despite international pressure from Western governments and human rights organisations, Uganda introduced one of the world’s strictest statutes against the LGBT community in May. The legislation stipulates a sentence of life imprisonment for consensual same-sex relations.

Prosper Dembedza
Court Correspondent
Harare magistrate Mrs Letwin Rwodzi has dismissed an application by George Katsimberis to have the State ordered to give him particulars of his other matters which are pending at the High and Supreme Courts.

Katsimberis stands accused of duping a land developer of close to USS$1 million in a joint venture to build cluster houses in Harare’s Borrowdale suburb.

In dismissing the application, Mrs Rwodzi said she can’t force the State to give them particulars that are not relevant in her court.

Senior prosecutor Mr Micheal Reza had also opposed the application by Katsimberis saying those particulars had nothing to do with the current matter.

“I can’t provide the defence with the particulars which they require as they have nothing to do with this present matter,” he said.

Mrs Rwodzi postponed the matter to March 8 for continuation.

During the previous sitting Katsimberis, through his new lawyer Mr Charles Warara applied for the recusal of Mr Reza arguing that he would not give his client a fair trial.

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