Kaserera raises Zim flag high

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The Herald

Brenda Phiri Arts Correspondent
Zimbabwean musicians continue to shine the world over and this time around, they are not limiting themselves to jazz and traditional mbira music.
Judging by the success of a new breed of local artistes breaking onto the international scene, it is only a matter of time before local names become worldwide phenomena and join Nigeria’s P Square and Senegalese Akon.
Zimbabwean-born rapper Shingirai “Sugaspott” Kaserera is one such person on a mission to raise the country’s flag high from his base in London, United Kingdom.
A hip-hop star in the making, the 29-year-old’s music makes it among the most trending topics on social media.

With two albums to his name, “Sugaspott” struck gold with his 2010 offering “Damage Limitation” that earned him massive downloads worldwide, raving reviews and tours around the United Kingdom.

However, his latest single, “Ni Yah Leo” is the reason why he is back in the spotlight, again. A month after its release it has so far attracted over 6 000 views, massive downloads and sales.

So great has been the success that he caught the attention of internationally recognised music publisher Warner Chapel Publishing.
“I just want to represent Zimbabwe on the scale that any renowned hip-hop act could do globally. I consider it an honourable burden to bear but a lot of my material is centred on removing the stereotype of Zimbabwe around the globe. Removing the stereotype is a dish best served cold, with success,” he said.

He added that by breaking into global iconship he will have best represented the country and making it known that his people are not socio-economic refugees.
“We are an articulate people with a distinct culture of workmanship and perseverance even in the midst of darkness,” he said.

Mutare-born “Sugaspott” also has plans to collaborate with local artistes and he is hopeful that he can launch “unknown” acts under his new studio in West London.
“I am hoping that the establishment can grow. This way we can record, promote and distribute records from our point I have plans to collaborate with artistes from Zimbabwe. It will go on record as inviting anyone with a musical idea to get in touch,

“I am currently working with Rhyme Assassin, I have Dizzy Don in the pipeline, I was supposed to work with DJ Naida and but it fell through. Hopefully, we can resurrect that. Tehn Diamond on the other hand is a joker, he says he is keen but it hasn’t happened for a year,” he said.

His fans worldwide is keen to see if his December 23 album “Damage Limitation 2: Broken Sanctuary” will measure up to the name he has made for himself.

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