Walter Nyamukondiwa Kariba Bureau
KARIBA Municipality has set aside $120 000 from the funds it got under devolution to spruce up the Nyamhunga vegetable market and flea market.

Overall, Kariba got $5 million under devolution to implements development projects in the resort town.

Renovation work at the market is expected to start this week.

Last week, the council gave all vendors a week to move out of the market to allow for the facelift.

The announcement was been met with resistance from the vendors who fear the move will permanently deprive them of their market stalls.

Part of the money will go towards upgrading of Nyamhunga Stadium, which hosts Premier Soccer League matches and Mahombekombe Clinic to enable it to cater for the town’s the growing population.

This is part of a broader plan to realign amenities with standards expected of a resort town.

This comes amid claims that the land on which the stalls were erected hyad been sold to a major retail chain, which the city fathers have dismissed.

Kariba Municipality housing and community services director Mr Godfrey Magijani said tenders for the project had been finalised.

“We identified a challenge at Nyamhunga vegetable market where the roofs are leaking and generally the market is not in a good state making it unsuitable for a tourist resort,” he said.

“To that end, we have done all the processes in terms of tendering and we have secured contractors to undertake the project. We have now advised stallholders to move out to facilitate the upgrading of the market.”

The project is expected to take between two and three months.

Mr Magijani said alternative vending sites had been identified around Nyamhunga to allow vendors to conduct their business during the upgrading programme.

But vendors who spoke to The Herald  said they would stay put since council had given them short   notice.

“They have given us short notice and besides that, it is raining. The place where they want to use has no shelter or security for our wares, which makes it unfair,” said Nyamhunga Vendors’ Association chairperson Mrs Sibongile Sibanda.

The vendors are reportedly set to be moved to an open space at the Kariba bus terminus.

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