Kapfupi unleashes son Clive Manjalima

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Seasoned comedian and sungura singer, Freddy Manjalima, affectionately known as Kapfupi in the arts sector, is happy with the direction his son Clive is taking.

Kapfupi revealed that he cannot suppress his son’s deep-seated passion for showbiz and now he feels it is the right time to hand over all the keys to him.

The high-profile comedian said that he is now tired of competing in the arts industry, so it is ideal to unleash his son so that he can fill his shoes.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Kapfupi said he was about to leave the arts industry because he now wants to focus more on family issues.

“As of now I’m handing over my arts jacket to my son, Clive Manjalima, who is affectionately known as Ngaa, in the arts industry,” he said. 

“I’m feeling tired to continue in this industry and compete with this younger generation, so my son can do the best that I can, so it is the right time to hand it over to him.” 

Recently, Kapfupi was filmed while at a shrine of a local traditional healer and he admitted to our sister paper, Kwayedza, that he was dealing with some family problems.

Kapfupi said as of now he could not fight two battles, one in the arts industry and the other one in his family issues.

“Right now I’m dealing with my family issues,” he said. 

“So, in my opinion I’m thinking of introducing my son into the industry so that he can carry on with my mission because I don’t want to starve my fans.” 

Kapfupi believes Ngaa, who is multi-talented comedian and Zimdancehall singer, can do well in the arts sector.

“My son is very talented, in comedy he can do wonders and even in Zimdancehall he can do miracles.

“So, I believe that my fans cannot miss me if I quit the industry because my son can replace me.” 

Kapfupi said the local arts industry was dying because veterans did not want to teach their children about the industry.

“The problem that is killing our comedy industry is that our senior guys don’t want to mentor their kids,” he said. 

“We should have adopted a catch them young policy where we can teach our children about the industry so that when we retire or die the industry cannot die.”

Ngaa said he was ready to carry on with the legacy of his father.

“I’m ready to take over from my father because I don’t want to see his legacy die,” he said.

“I’m promising the fans of my father that they are not going to miss him because I’m here to carry on and as of now I have thousands of projects in my library.”

Ngaa is a potential Zimdancehall singer and his song “Dololo” was so good that it brought him to the limelight.

He said he was set to release his debut album next month and then release some comedies.

“I’m a Zimdancehall singer, so next I’m going to unveil my first album and after that I’m going to release some comedies,” he said. 

“I’m promising you that in my comedies you shall not miss my father, I have great things in my archives for my fans.”

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