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Kanu shocked by Iwobi’s move

11 Sep, 2019 - 00:09 0 Views

The Herald

LONDON. — Arsenal legend Nwankwo Kanu believes his former club “made a mistake” after allowing forward Alex Iwobi to join Everton in the off-season.

Iwobi completed a surprise move to Everton on deadline day last month, ending a 15-year association with Arsenal.

The Nigerian has since explained the reasons behind his departure but compatriot and former Gunner Kanu says it “was a shock” that Arsenal let him leave.

The club stands to earn up to £34 million from the deal but Kanu feels Iwobi was priceless due to what he represented.

“I would say they made a mistake, 100 percent,” Kanu told Goal. “Why they let him go, I don’t know.

“He’s a boy who, in and out, is Arsenal. He always wanted to do his best for the club. He loves the club, but not only that he can play football.

“What he brings week in, week out, the fans need to appreciate that. — AFP.

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