Kanosvova warns players

26 Oct, 2021 - 11:10 0 Views
Kanosvova warns players Innocent Kanosvova

The Herald

Ellina Mhlanga Senior Sport Reporter

NATIONAL Under-21 men’s handball team coach Innocent Kanosvova has said they will not hesitate to drop players from the side that are not committed.

The technical team dropped six players during the last periodic camp that ended on Sunday at Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex.

For some time they had to rely on individual programmes through online platforms since they could not have group trainings.

And the technical team led by Swiss coach Rolf Haussener admitted most of the players were not adhering to the individual programmes.

Kanosvova said they are still looking for talented players to join the team since they need a squad of 21.

“We are still looking for more left handers, we don’t have left handers and more players that are good to represent Zimbabwe.

“In this camp we started with 19 players, six were dropped, so we now have 13 and we still need to become 21. So we still need more players.

“For those who were dropped, some were taking things for granted saying that we started in the team so we are the pioneers of the team we can’t be dropped.

“As a player you must be working hard for you to achieve more not to be staying in one position like for three years now.

“And during Covid-19 we were having periodical training online training, most of the players were just confirming that I am training hard and some were sending videos. But at the end of the day we will have fitness tests and we will test you that’s where we can prove that you were lying to us,” said Kanosvova.

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