Kana Ndanyura Challenge increases Killer T’s profile Killer T

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Trending Zimdancehall star, Killer T, has a rare charm that keeps him winning the hearts of new fans. 

He pens and sings songs with substance, that appeal to all generations. 

The Mbare-bred star keeps it simple and sweet when he writes new tracks, especially party songs. 

His new love song, “Kana Ndanyura”, which he dropped last week, is a scorcher and has become an instant hit at every social gatherings. 

So popular is the sing-along track that he started the KanaNdanyura Challenge, which is trending on social media. 

Similar to the Jerusalem Challenge by South African amapiano heavyweight, Master KG, which broke the internet a few years back, our own Killer T seems to be learning from the best. 

Of course, he might not be at Master KG’s level, but he is a star who knows his craft. 

The country’s top celebrities, athletes, and influencers have also joined the Kana Ndanyura Challenge with zeal. 

To say the challenge is the in-thing would be an understatement. 

Maybe phenomenal is the right word as Killer T’s challenge shows the power of music to appeal across cultures and backgrounds. 

The song is based on the reality that people encounter when they fall in love. 

What has made the challenge unique is its power to touch people in many profound ways, by provoking strong love emotions. 

TikTok users were the first to embrace it, both locally and overseas. 

Business mogul and influencer Philip Chiyangwa is one of the biggest names who have embraced the challenge. 

He has also dropped his video on social media, praising Killer T. 

Not only did he endorse Killer T, but Chiyangwa has a taste for quality music. 

It’s a plus when people like Chiyangwa endorse big brands like Killer T on social media. 

Showbiz hype-man, DJ Fantan, has also joined this challenge, along with his peers at Chillspot Records. 

Before his performance at the inaugural Food to Market & Arts Festival held at Old Hararians Sports Club last weekend, DJ Fantan had already endorsed it. 

It was no surprise that female fans screamed with excitement when he played the track at the event. 

Backed by his trusted lieutenant, DJ Levels, the energetic chanter simply nailed it as fans sang along to the song.

The same song was also on repeat at Miss Universe Zimbabwe, held at Harare’s Hippodrome Auditorium.

Pageant gurus, including former First Lady Grace Mugabe, were some of the guests in attendance as the song was played.

Outgoing Miss Universe Zimbabwe Brooke-Bruck Jackson’s team has also caught the challenge bug.

So popular is the challenge that even athletes and soccer player have joined in.

Last Sunday, CAPS United players celebrated their goal against Dynamos at the corner flag mimicking Killer T’s dancers, who starred in the video of “Kana Ndanyura”.

TikTok users like Mallotii, MC Melo and socialites have also embraced it.

The ZTN Morning Rush team also took part in the Kana Ndanyura Challenge, a clear message the song has spread like the proverbial veldfire.

Emotions are hard to keep and it also takes a catchy song to win the hearts of many.

Killer T, who is no doubt a brilliant studio recording artiste, keeps on evolving when it comes to churning out songs that provoke meaning. 

His strength lies in penning love songs, and social commentaries in general. 

However, he understands the subject of love better than any other topic  

Killer T seems to be writing from past experiences as he sings passionately about love matters. 

Some of his hit songs on love include “Maisafanira Kundirega”, “Ndamuda” and “Mudiwa Wangu”, which are pregnant with meaning despite being party songs. 

His vocal ability and delivery make his work appear easy even when he is tackling serious love matters that have been troubling  people for quite some time. 

It is also refreshing to note that he has a huge following, judging by the people who have endorsed this challenge, since it resonates well with the subject under discussion.

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