Kadoma town clerk under fire

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Blessings Chidakwa in Kadoma
Kadoma Town Clerk Mr Malvern Dondo has been rapped for complacency after failing to ensure the roll-out of a $1 million road rehabilitation project in the town, which was supposed to be carried out by Exodus Company. The company is supposed to finish the road works by October 30. However, Exodus had been working at a snail’s pace despite having the required resources.

The slow pace irked the last crop of councillors who expressed their displeasure during their last full council meeting just before the elections.

The infuriated councillors allege that history was repeating itself, as a similar thing happened last year when another contracted firm ended up doing a shoddy job.

Ex-Ward 7 councillor Langton Mabhanga (Zanu-PF) accused Mr Dondo for awarding tenders to suspicious companies.
“The current contractor leaves a lot to be desired. We learnt our lessons last time that there are companies that can do better work. Why we decided to repeat the same mistake is worrisome,” he said.

“The October 30 deadline is impossible given the delays so far. In 2017, we had similar excuses from management that it failed to convene meetings with contractors to ascertain the cause of the delays.”
He said the delays should not end up as a cost to council.

“I seriously suggest to Town Clerk to appoint a sub-contractor to assist in dealing with the delay and council should not bear the costs. Let us manage our time like we are managing the economy of our city.

“Bad roads are a cost to the economy. A lot is being lost due to the delays. We need to manage the contractor otherwise we are headed for a disaster.”

Ex-Ward 1 councillor Alderman Luka Phiri also raised the red flag suggesting that council should give the firm new roads to work on.

“I am beginning to doubt the company if it’s taking too long to do pothole patching in town. In that case let it start with critical longer routes as they are failing to execute any meaningful works,” he said.

Mr Dondo said independent compaction road tests had also reportedly stalled the rehabilitation exercise.

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