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Kadoma residents outline expectations

07 Sep, 2018 - 00:09 0 Views

The Herald

Midlands Correspondent
Kadoma residents have said the new council sworn in this week should focus on increasing water supplies and improving the sewer reticulation system.

The city has been facing perennial water challenges and has arguably one of the worst reticulation system in the country.

Kadoma Residents Association chairperson Mr Wikirosi Mutizira said the MDC-T councils that had been in office had failed to address the pressing challenges for almost a decade now.

“Marandu Road in between GB section in Rimuka suburb is now an eyesore due to raw sewage flowing along it,” he said.

“The situation is the same at Eiffel Flats suburb. Water is a major challenge and some areas have not accessed the precious liquid through their taps for years now, we want residents to pay rates, but they should also access decent services.”

Mr Mutizira said poor services would keep investors at bay.

“No investor would want to come to a city where there are poor roads and water challenges,” said Mr Mutizira.

“If as a city we want to attract investors, then our actions should act in such a manner.”

Mr Mutizira blasted council for poor engagement over the years.

“This time around we will not waste time fighting them, we are engaging Government,” he said.

“We know the current Government wants development, if council continues to be arrogant, we will change tactics.

“If things fail to change, we will act. Previously we used to engage in violent demonstrations burning tyres in the city centre, but we stopped after engagements with the then Minister of Local Government Ignatius Chombo.

“This time around we are open to negotiations, but if they are not willing, we will engage Government, they should not ignore us.”

Mr Mutizira congratulated President Mnangagwa for being inaugurated as the country’s second executive President.

He also hailed his leadership qualities over the years.

“As Kadoma residents, we applaud the President for championing peace and unity in the country,” he said.

“His vision is far much ahead that of most citizens who are slow to grasp it.

“Since he assumed office, there is notable progress that has been made in the country so far, including mending of roads. There are only a few touch ups left, but the country is headed in the right direction.”

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