Kadengu determined to get to the top

Kadengu determined to get to the top Brian Kadengu at Micasa
Brian Kadengu at Micasa

Brian Kadengu at Micasa

Tawanda Matanhire

At the age of 23, Bryan Kadengu is making huge strides in his musical journey as a guitarist, pianist and a singer working with seasoned artistes like Victor Kunonga, Oliver Mtukudzi, Zeus, Tehn Diamond and Audious Mtawarira among others. The Afro-soul sensation, who recently shared the stage with popular South African music outfit Mi Casa, believes in working hard which has made his musical journey worthwhile.“Zimbabwe is full of talent but people need to go the extra mile to ensure that their dreams are achieved,” Kadengu said.

“I am also doing my part as a musical artiste believing that my dream of leaving a legacy in the Zimbabwean music industry will surely come to pass,” he added.

Kadengu grew up in the town of Chinhoyi where his musical journey started in a family of music fanatics who are still encouraging the young man.

His uncle, who was a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, urged him to join a group of singers where he developed his love for music and worked to improve his vocal prowess.

In 2007 he started getting slots to play at Chinhoyi University Hotel where he would receive payment after every show.

“I discovered that I could actually get paid for music, which prompted me to get into music for a career,” Kadengu said.

“It has its challenges but music is a good profession for me so far. I have connected with the right people who are proving fruitful,” Kadengu added.

Getting inspiration from the likes of music superstar Mtukudzi , Jonathan Butler, Usher Raymonds, Boys2Men, Bruno Mars, and Kunonga, Kadengu has vowed to continue using Shona as the language of his music because it identifies him with his roots.

“I will continue using Shona language because wherever I have performed I discovered that language is not a barrier. People just appreciate good music,” Kadengu said.

Since getting into music the talented young man has been exposed to working on various projects with veteran artistes with whom he has either shared the stage or recorded.

After being called to be a curtain raiser for the Kansiime show at the 7 Arts Theatre in Avondale recently, Kadengu gave a great performance which prompted the organisers to invite him for the Mi Casa gig.

“The Mi Casa show was very humbling for me. I’m fairly new in Harare and working on building my brand and receiving such acceptance is big for me,” Kadengu said.

Fans were left asking for more from the talented artiste who delivered the unexpected because many were not yet familiar with his music.

Kadengu, who is also an ambassador for UNFPA, has had opportunities for tours regionally.

He has travelled to Swaziland for the Bushfire Festival last year and also the Lake of Stars Festival in Malawi where he was experimenting using Shona for all his performances.

Since settling in Harare, Kadengu has clinched a deal with popular food outlet “Maestro”, located in the leafy suburbs of Newlands in Harare to play every Saturday.

“Music has just opened for me new horizons and I will keep working hard to make my name a household name in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Kadengu plans to collaborate with a number of popular artistes in and outside Zimbabwe as a way of strengthening his brand.

He believes that making good music is the answer to complaints most artistes make about the industry being tough in Zimbabwe.

“I want to improve every production that comes from me to make sure I always bring something fresh,” Kadengu said.

Kadengu has since recorded an eight-track album titled “Nyaya Dzerudo” which included titles such as “Jamaican Girl”, “Marunjeya” “Matida”, “Inseparable”, “Tanya”, “Usasiyane Neni” and “Beautiful You Are”.

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