Kadema’s SOS for German trials


Collin Matiza Sports Editor
YOUNG Zimbabwean handball player Tineyi Kadema is likely to miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of undergoing trials with one of Germany’s top professional clubs as he is still struggling to raise enough funds that will enable him to fly out to Europe early next month.

Kadema (19) was at the beginning of this year invited for trials in Germany by one of that country’s top professional handball sides SG H2Ku Herrenberg from April to May but yesterday he sent out an “SOS” , asking to be bailed out as he is still fighting to raise the airfares for his trip to the European country.

The talented young handballer, who arrived back home in Harare last week from his base in Cape Town, South Africa, to process his visa application to Germany, told The Herald yesterday that he needs to be in the European country for his trials on or before April 5.

“I’ve managed to raise part of the airfares and the visa fees on my own and I only need $300 which will enable me to buy the return air ticket to Germany as the airline that I’m supposed to use has quoted me $834.56 for the airfare. My food, accommodation and transport expenses in Germany will be met by my hosts there.

“In fact, I recently approached (the former president of the Zimbabwe Handball Association) Amon Madzvamuse and he told me (bluntly) that he was not in a position to help me because the ZHF executive board has been suspended by the Sports Commission and he said I should, instead, approach them (the Sports Commission) for any help or assistance.

“So, I’m stranded at the moment as I thought the country’s handball mother-body was going to help me out as these trials are not meant to benefit me only but the whole handball fraternity in Zimbabwe because if I manage to make the grade there, I think it will open the doors for more handballers from this country to join some top German clubs.

“I’m just hoping and praying that a well-wisher or some well-wishers will come to my rescue and help me to realise my dream of playing professional handball in Europe,” Kadema said.

A former Churchill School pupil, Kadema said he was really looking forward to his one-month trial attachment period at SG H2Ku Herrenburg and was confident that he will make the grade.

The SG H2Ku Herrenberg is a syndicate of three German handball teams.

Infact, in 1990, a syndicate from the players of the TV Haslach was formed in the form of 1930 eV and the HSV Oberjesingen-Kuppingen eV stars in the youth handball field.

The youth team was a model of success and in 1993 was finally together with the handball division VfL Herrenberg eV SG Haslach Herrenberg Kuppingen-Oberjesingen GbR founded.

With approximately 1 300 members, the gaming community was renamed in June 2011 to SG H2Ku Herrenberg.

The SG of the Gäu is also successful in the men’s, women’s and youth handball. There are over 600 members in the youth field who are actively involved in playing handball.

And after he got befriended with some handball players from Herrenberg during their Bora Bola project in Cape Town in November last year, Kadema was invited to undergo a month-long trial period with this top German club, starting from April 5 to May 6 this year.

According to Silvia Egenter, a member of SG H2Ku Herrenberg, the club will meet all Kadema’s expenses, including accommodation and food, during his one-month stay in Germany.

ln an invitation letter sent to Kadema by Egenter, dated January 8, 2016, SG H2Ku Herrenberg indicated that the young Zimbabwean player only has to meet his travel expenses from Zimbabwe to Germany.

“This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to realise my dream or dreams of playing professional handball in Europe, especially in Germany which is not only one of the major powerhouses of the sport in Europe but in the whole world.”

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