JUST IN: Zim, Angola seek to enhance ties

15 Dec, 2020 - 12:12 0 Views
JUST IN: Zim, Angola seek to enhance ties

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Africa Moyo in CONAKRY, Guinea

Vice President Kembo Mohadi has met his Angolan counterpart, Bornito de Sousa Baltazar Diogo, and emphasised the need for the two countries to enhance cooperation.

VP Mohadi said there was need for the two countries to activate all the agreements signed before.

“Well, we realise that we are both from Southern Africa, we are both members of SADC, so there is quite a number of issues that we discussed pertaining to SADC.

“We also talked about improving cooperation between the two countries because what we see is not what we want economically or otherwise. We want to enhance the cooperation so we agreed to be meeting more,” said VP Mohadi.

He said Harare and Luanda have several memoranda of understanding, both among themselves and within the auspices of SADC, but some have not been activated.

“So we want to activate them. We also talked about communication in terms of road and rail; we don’t have a rail that links Zimbabwe directly with Angola but he (Angola VP) was indicating that they will be working on a rail line linking with Zambia, so that the bulk commodities coming from south going towards north will use that rail ,” he said.

The two also discussed power shortages in SADC and reminded each other about a power project in the DR Congo which the region said will work on together to ease the power deficit.

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