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JUST IN: ZiKeeper, Hadebe eat the most-Nakamba

19 Jun, 2019 - 08:06 0 Views
JUST IN: ZiKeeper, Hadebe eat the most-Nakamba Edmore Sibanda

The Herald

Marvelous Nakamba in CAIRO, Egypt
HI, Zimbabwe, it’s me, Marvelous Nakamba, midfielder for the Warriors and a player for Belgian side Club Brugge, currently here in Cairo on national duty at the 2019 AFCON finals.

I hope, I find you well and you are all ready to watch us fight in the opening match against the Pharaohs of Egypt at the Cairo International Stadium tomorrow night.

On Tuesday, I was asked by the Senior Sports Editor of this newspaper, Robson Sharuko, to provide some insights into some of the little things that are part of our camp.

The request for those insights came through our manager, Wellington Mpandare.

Well, I will try my best and, hopefully, I won’t hurt any of my teammates because we are a very close group.

Naughtiest Warrior

Okay, the naughtiest guy in our national team camp has to be Kuda Mahachi, this was not the toughest of questions that I had to answer simply because Mahachi has been like that since day one.

Funniest Warrior

Well, there are a lot of funny guys in our camp but one has to win the prize and it has to be my younger brother Devine Lunga, what a character he is.

Loudest Guy In Camp

Once again, this one was not a tough one for me because there can only be one person who beats everyone in that category – Talent Chawapiwa. This guy has a lot of energy, on and off the field, he has a way of always lying when we are traveling on the team bus and he is the one who always comes up with some funny stories.

Smartest Guy In Camp

Eish, this is a very difficult one because in our team we have a lot of very smart players, almost half of them always get it right when it comes to smartness and so I won’t settle for one person.

Bravest Guy In Camp

It has to be Khama Billiat, I think, and possibly Mahachi again, apart from me.

Who Are The Food Masters In Camp?

There is no contest here, two people will always take the crown again and again, when it comes to the love of food and eating it – Teenage Lingani Hadebe and, of course, ZiKeeper (Eddie Sibanda).

The Biggest Joker In Camp

We have lot of players who joke a lot in the team and I will just say the top four are Talent (Chawapiwa), Ovidy (Karuru), Jimmy (Dzingai) and Kuda Mahachi, again, this boy.

The Best Singer In Camp

There is no doubt about this one, one man stands heads and shoulders above the rest and it’s Jimmy Dzingai, l think this guy can do both professions – football and music (in fact Dzingai is part of the Yadah Choir although he now doesn’t sing that much in that choir because he plays in Zambia).

How Have Darikwa And Mudimu Responded To Sadza?

We are still convincing them to eat sadza every day but they keep saying it has lot of calories, but they generally like it.

How Have You Adjusted To Their British Accents?

In terms of understanding, well, it’s pretty easy because everyone is getting on well with that and we can understand what they are saying, probably it’s because we are fast learners.

Who Trains The Hardest?

I think it has to be Deco (Danny Phiri), he wins here, and it’s something I have known from our time at Bantu Rovers, this brother of mine can actually train all day.

*Marvelous Nakamba is a midfielder for the Zimbabwe national team and was interacting with our Senior Sports Editor, ROBSON SHARUKO, who is on assignment in Cairo covering the 2019 AFCON finals

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