JUST IN: Woman seeks protection order against abusive, promiscuous husband

Ivan Zhakata Court Correspondent
A Harare woman has approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against her husband whom she alleges assaulted her after she had caught him bedding their maid.

Ms Eveline Tauzen yesterday told magistrate Ms Meenal Narotam that her husband Nzwanai Chapu was in the habit of assaulting her to cover up his promiscuous behaviour.

“My husband is in a habit of assaulting me,” she said. “Recently, I caught him in the dining room sleeping with the maid and when I confronted him, he assaulted me. He is a promiscuous man and he has since moved out of the house. He is now staying with the maid.

“Whenever he fathers children out of wedlock he brings them home to me so that I can look after them. He calls me a useless woman. I have reported his several assault cases at the police station and the officers advised me to come here to get a protection order.”

Tauzen pleaded with the court to bar Chapu from their matrimonial home as she has suffered a lot.
She told the court that Chapu uses everything within his reach to assault her.

Chapu refuted Tauzen’s allegations and told the court that she was having problems with the children he fathered out of wedlock.
“All that she is saying is false,” he said.
“The problem is that she does not want my children. I only assaulted her once when she provoked me outside the house.

“About the maid’s issue, I was bathing and when I finished, I went to charge my mobile phone in the dining room which is where the maid sleeps so when she came out and saw me she alleged that we were sleeping together. We then had a scuffle and we fought.”
Ms Narotam granted the protection order and ordered Chapu to stop abusing Ms Tauzen.

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