JUST IN: SMC donates to Mt Hampden Orphanage

26 Oct, 2020 - 19:10 0 Views
JUST IN: SMC donates to Mt Hampden Orphanage

The Herald

By Malven Mugadzikwa
Supermate Credit (SMC), a microfinance company, on Saturday donated foodstuffs, cash and facemasks to Ruoko RwaMwari Children Trust, an orphanage in Mt Hampden.

The microfinance company also arranged to pay one-year school fees for two grade seven pupils from the orphanage.
Ruoko RwaMwari Children Trust is an orphanage that was founded by six women from Mt Hampden after they identified various orphans and single-parented children who were neglected in the area. The orphanage has 52 children and out of these children, twenty-five are girls whilst 27 are boys. The youngest is one year three months year old whilst the oldest is sixteen years old. Those who are below five years of age are seven.

“I grew up as an orphan and I know how it feels to grow up without parents. Considering the age groups of these children, it is clear that they still need support for them to have decent lives. They need to be uplifted through having access to health food, decent education and proper care. We decided as a company that we should show them love through these donations,” said SMC founder and CEO Mr Arnold Guri.

Mr Guri also said that his company shall make regular donations to the orphanage. The microfinance company is also going to find capital for the six women who are staffing the orphanage to start selling foodstuffs and agricultural produce for them to realise funds to cater for the children under their Trust.

One of the owners of Ruoko RwaMwari Children Trust Ms Onai Nhiwatiwa thanked SMC for the donations.

“We really appreciate Mr Guri and his team’s gesture. This will bring smiles to the children and will improve their well-being. We were now worried about our two children who had no school fees to continue with their grade 7 studies but Mr Guri and his team came to our rescue.”

Ms Nhiwatiwa said such donations were a relief to a myriad of problems they are facing as an organisation. She opined that their organisation is still developing and hence many challenges that need more support.

“Right now we do not have decent shelter. These children do not have proper bedding and ablution facilities. We are pleading to the business community and individuals who can help us with funds and identify a decent place for us to have these children have decent lives and for them to attend school properly. When we started, we were not registered but we are now registered and many organisations were saying they cannot donate to us since we were not registered,” she said.

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