JUST IN: ManLuckerz readies heiress Jesina

Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent
SWEDISH-based, musician and cultural activist, Makandire Chezhira ‘ManLuckers’ Chikutu, is training his 11-year-old daughter, Jesina, in traditional music.

The musician joins a number of seasoned artistes, who mentored their children to follow their footsteps in music. Among them is Jah Prayzah, who recently performed with son Mukudzei Jnr (10), Kireni Zulu assisted his daughter, Esin (6) in recording an album and Willom Tight whose son Gary have grown into stardom.

Jesina, who is now performing with his father’s Zim Traditional Unity, said she was inspired to pursue music by her grandmother

“I started singing in 2016 when my dad was not able to do much having been involved in an accident. It was my grandmother, Ambuya Madhinga Chikutu who inspired me.

“She taught me how to sing in Shona and how important it is to preserve my identity,” she said.

Jesina said her grandmother stressed the importance of culture that is why, though born and bred in Sweden, she sings Zimbabwe traditional music.

“My grandmother also taught me about the importance of cultural heritage. She wanted me to know how I could express my feelings through singing.

“She wanted me to be involved in the Zimbabwean tradition and understand my dad’s culture.

“It feels good. It is always good to follow my dad’s footsteps, so that I could help spread Zimbabwean culture.

“I want to spread joy, happiness to the world and to think about keeping one’s identity,” she said.

ManLuckerz, a champion of local culture and heritage, said it was important for children to preserve their family legacies.

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