JUST IN: Mambo Dhuterere shuts door on controversial artistes Mambo Dhuterere

Nyore Madzianike Senior Arts Reporter
MAMBO Dhuterere, who is basking in the glory of his latest offering “Dare Guru”, has shut doors on musicians riding on controversy and dirty music, saying he only features on clean gospel songs.

Born Darlington Mutseta, Mambo Dhuterere said music laden with fetid lyrics does not have space in his music purse. He said those hoping to collaborate with him should make sure their lyrics are clean and carry gospel content.

“The song that I did with Seh Calaz belongs to him. He approached me asking for a collaboration and I told him that he should have gospel lyrics on the song. If you are a Zimdancehall artiste and want to do a collaboration with Mambo make sure you have gospel lyrics for me to feature on the song. What I just mind is the lyrics. You have to come to the gospel side and preach with me.

“I know people will follow the gospel,” he said.

Mambo Dhuterere vowed not to perform in clubs and other places perceived to be unfit for praise and worship. The “Dare Guru” singer, however, said that he was prepared to perform at other places away from bars and clubs.

“What we cannot do is to go and perform in a bar or club. There are other places which are neutral and we will not turn away beer drinkers. We cannot afford to bar people from attending our shows on condition that they are drunk. I believe people listen to gospel music more when they are drunk.

“People who attend my shows should know that they will be strictly gospel,” he said.

Mambo Dhuterere has so far featured on Trymore Bande, Seh Claz and Mathias Mhere songs.

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