JUST IN: Kariba residents, Govt mobilise for Covid19 isolation centre The proposed Isolation Centre for Kariba district where residents and other stakeholders are pooling resources including plumbing material to ensure that it becomes usable as soon as possible.

Walter Nyamukondiwa

Kariba Bureau

KARIBA residents and stakeholders have partnered with the Ministry of Health and Child Care to mobilise resources for the setting up of an isolation centre to manage the growing number of Covid-19 cases.

The town does not have an isolation centre after several futile attempts to convert the Kariba Country Club which needs renovations, including revamping of the plumbing system.

However, residents have taken the lead in mobilising the required materials for setting up the centre.

This comes amid concerns that residents who have tested positive and told to self-isolate at home were moving around in the community heightening chances of spreading the disease.

The initiative comes as Kariba has seen a surge in Covid-19 cases with at least 57 cases and four deaths being recorded.

At least nine people have recovered so far.

The bill of quantities was shared prompting businesspeople including hardware operators and other residents to chip in with pledges of materials and fuel for the health officials to use in fighting the pandemic.

The Kariba Country Club was donated by Chinhoyi University of Technology but attendant renovations, lack of reliable water supply and required materials stalled operationalisation of the centre.

Kariba saw increased human traffic during the just ended festive season.

Health authorities have attributed the increase in cases to dereliction of precautionary health measures by residents and tourists alike.

It is hoped that the tide would be tamed by lockdown regulations put in place by Government.

Affected residents in Nyamhunga, Mahombekombe and Heights suburbs are now in self isolation while contact tracing is currently underway to identify those who could have been infected and spreading the disease in the community.

Kariba district Covid-19 Taskforce chairperson and district medical officer Dr Godwin Muza said people should notify the rapid response team if they suspect Covid-19 symptoms.

The situation is compounded by the fact that Kariba has no isolation centre.

Cases are referred to Karoi or Chinhoyi.

The taskforce has started going around the townships raising awareness on the dangers of Covid-19 and the importance of adhering to health regulations such as social distancing and putting on face masks.

Asked on measures to ensure that those in isolation do not affect others in the community, Dr Muza said, contact tracing teams were carrying out follow up and monitoring visits to ensure safety regulations are complied with.

“Information dissemination is ongoing and contact tracing teams are carrying out follow up visits to monitor the condition and compliance of those affected by Covid-19,” said Dr Muza.

Kariba Municipality housing and community services director Mr Godfrey Magijani said the town was working with other stakeholders to raise awareness on the need to observe preventive measures.

He said people should stay at home and avoid unnecessary movement and gathering.

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