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JUST IN: GZU students demonstrate over fees increase

12 Apr, 2018 - 14:04 0 Views
JUST IN: GZU students demonstrate over fees increase

The Herald

Martha Leboho, Masvingo Bureau

There was commotion at Great Zimbabwe University’s Mashava campus today when anti-riot police fired tear gas at students who were demonstrating over tuition fees increases.

GZU information officer Mr Anderson Chipatiso confirmed the incident saying university authorities are working on resolving the issue.

“I can confirm our students are demonstrating at Mashava campus. We are assessing the situation. We are working on it and in the next few minutes there will be a resolution,” said Mr Chipatiso

A student who spoke on condition of anonymity said the institution should prioritise the students’ needs.

“We were alarmed to be notified that school fees had been increased by $50 and no one explained to us what is it for. They are prioritising unnecessary things at the expenses of students. There are more than 3 000 students and yet they provide us with one or two buses to ferry us to learning centres. We do not have a WIFI at school which is a student necessity.”

GZU Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union (ZICOSU) Chapter chairperson Mr Kelvin Kasiwulaya said they believe in dialogue and not violence.

“We, as ZICOSU, believe in dialogue and not violence, a demo is a way of making our grievances heard but not in a violent manner,” said Mr Kasiwulaya.

The disgruntled students reportedly destroyed the dining hall’s window panes before looting all the food.

More to follow…

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