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JUST IN: Guardian Security Services loses US$400 000

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Guardian Security Services company in Harare lost a cash box containing US$400 000 at their premises in Waterfalls, in a case believed to be an inside job involving some of its guards who have since been arrested by the police.

The cash box was kept in a vault when it was taken by three security guards who were manning the premise during the night. Two of them have since been arrested and they are True Kanyenge (40), Phibion Munemo (44), who are all employed by the company while their other accomplice, Edward Kapuya has since disappeared.

Police have however also arrested Kapuya’s relatives Tirivangani Isdore Kapuya (31) who is believed to be a policeman and Honest Zhou Simare (44) after they were found with US$229 000 he had given to them for safe keeping.

The two were arrested in Kuwadzana resulting in the money, which was in US$10 and US$20 notes and stashed in a sack, being recovered. Sources close to the investigations said the suspects were on duty guarding the money which belonged to their clients since the company has a cash-in-transit service.

They are suspected to have hatched a plan to steal the cash box which was in the vault and took the cash. The offence was discovered the following morning and a report was made to the police. Police found the empty cash box on the verge of the company’s security fence near Mukuvisi River. They arrested the trio but failed to locate their other accomplice.

In a statement today, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident and said investigations were still in progress.

“We can confirm that a security company based in Waterfalls, Harare has lost cash amounting to US$400 000 in a suspected case of an inside job involving employees. The stolen money was in a cash box which went missing from the company vault.

“The cash box was later recovered outside the company premises without the money. Investigations are in progress,” he said.

Asst Comm Nyathi urged security companies to beef up their security measures and ensure that cash was properly secured to avoid such incidences.

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