JUST IN: Farmers deliver more than 70 000 tonnes of grain

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JUST IN: Farmers deliver more than 70 000 tonnes of grain

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The Grain Marketing Board has received more than 70 000 tonnes of grain since April 1, with the parastatal now paying the 30 percent incentive bonus to all farmers delivering grain.

GMB is paying an incentive bonus of 30 percent to farmers who deliver their grain before end of July.  The peak period for deliveries starts from June and lasts until the end of September.

GMB chief executive Mr Rockie Mutenha on Wednesday said as of Monday, farmers had delivered 68 466 tonnes of maize, 1 500 tonnes of sorghum, 954 tonnes of soyabeans and 70 tonnes of millet. By end of June last year, GMB had received 18 046 tonnes of maize.

“We are encouraging farmers to deliver the grain to the GMB depots,” said Mr Mutenha. “We have 110 collection points and several mobile buying points.
“GMB is paying within 72 hours of delivery. All farmers who delivered their grain have been paid 30 percent incentive bonus, which runs up to end of July.”

Mr Mutenha encouraged transporters to assist farmers in delivering grain, as payments will be made soon after the grain is delivered.

The GMB has adjusted the maize and traditional grains producer price to over $16 000 per tonne, after Cabinet approval for farmers delivering their grain early to be awarded a 30 percent incentive. Initially, the maize producer price was pegged at $12 327 per tonne, while the traditional grains were $12 865 per tonne.

The 30 percent incentive means farmers will now be getting a producer price of $16 028 per tonne of maize, while the price for the traditional grains will now be $16 725 per tonne. Collection points have been established nearer to farmers to curb congestion at depots in keeping with Covid-19 regulations.

The second Crop and Livestock Assessment report released by the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement states that 1 060 142 tonnes of grain are expected this year, which is more than the grain delivered during the 2019/2020 summer cropping season, with maize production estimated to increase by 17 percent.

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