JUST IN: Chitungwiza nurses down tools

30 Apr, 2020 - 14:04 0 Views
JUST IN: Chitungwiza nurses down tools Patients were being turned away.

The Herald

Blessings Chidakwa Municipal Correspondent
Chitungwiza Municipality nurses have today downed tools citing lack of remuneration and personal protective equipment to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic as well as poor working conditions.

The Herald visited St Mary’s clinic today and found the doors closed at the main entrance with a poster inscribed “Feel for the health worker.”

The poster inscribed at the closed door read, “No PPE-no work, no covid allowances-no work, no lockdown allowances-no work, no food-no work, no pay-no work, no training on covid-no work, no covid consumables-no work,” reads the post.

The clinic’s staff  were seated outside and turning away patients.

Some the patients were still hopeful that operations would resume as at least 50 were seated at the gate in anticipation that the situation will improve.

Acting Health Director Hebert Chirowodza said he was yet to get details of the strike.

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