JUST IN: Chipo the Gift Season 2 shines on ZBCTV A scene from Chipo The Gift

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter

After successfully premiering on ZBCTV last week, Chipo the Gift Season 2, the drama series is gaining more support and receiving overwhelming responses.

The drama, which is supported by Rooftop Promotions in conjunction with Oxfam airs every Tuesday from 7:30pm on ZBCTV.

Theatre guru Daves Guzha is the producer while award winning film director Nakai Tsuro is the director.

Rooftop Promotions communication officer Passmore Ndlovu said the season begins at the advent of COVID19 in Zimbabwe.

“A lockdown comes into place and there is uncertainty pertaining to the future.”

“Most of our characters are self-employed and under lockdown, struggle to get their basic necessities,” he said.

He said the drama is about how it is especially hard for the women in rural and peri-urban areas who have to source for food and also perform their daily domestic duties.

“Gender-based violence is rife with families closed in and outside help, information and justice seemingly inaccessible. Mapfumo Katsaya, who played the role of Ndoro, has been handling the production with his management skills as the production manager for the whole season while Gamuchirai Mukwakwami continues with her role as Chipo,” he said.

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