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BREAKING: 21 days lockdown to start Monday

President Mnangagwa has this evening announced that the country will be on lockdown for 21 days starting next ...

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UPDATED: 2 die in city bus accident

06 Dec, 2019 - 08:12 0 Views
UPDATED: 2 die in city bus accident

The Herald

Speeding bus overturned at corner Robert Mugabe and Chiremba Road in Harare this morning killing 2 people on the spot. Forty-eight others survived with different degrees of injuries and were immediately taken to hospital for treatment.

Witnesses say the Abdul & Sons Tours coach from Epworth failed to stop at a rail crossing resulting in the speeding bus failing to negotiate a sharp curve at the intersection of Robert Mugabe and Chiremba roads leading to a collision with another bus before overturning.


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