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Junior Financial Literacy comes to Zimbabwe


Junior Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Foundation (International) has come to Zimbabwe, working with our international partners to teach Financial Literacy to children and young adults. There has been a realisation all over the world, that the current global “economic crises” is not really “economic crises” but a lack of financial education.

Junior Financial Literacy’s task therefore is to empower young people to own their economic success and financial freedom.

Our children are learning about computers, sciences and mathematics and little or nothing about money.

Learning about money and entrepreneurship at high school and university has been proven to be too late as this will only produce excellent employees at a time when the world requires real entrepreneurs.

An international group of scholars carried out a thorough research which showed astounding results:

Every millionaire/billionaire learned about money at a very tender age.

Money skills must be taught from kindergarten, as this is the right time to imprint life skills in children.

Children have to learn financial literacy and we cannot wait till high school to teach them.

Our children’s world will be more challenging than ours and to deprive them of financial literacy today is the next major crisis that we will face as a nation and the world at large.

From pre-school through to 20 years, our programmes provide financial literacy education experiences that are both unique and exciting. Using professionally developed curriculum and first-hand practical lessons, children will develop life skills and knowledge to manage their personal financial well-being with more con- fidence.

Throughout the year, Junior Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Foundation will host business seminars, business camp meetings, conduct business tours where children get to learn about different business environments.

Business tours will be organised locally, regionally and internationally, students will have the privilege of understanding “value edition” and “beneficiation” processes.

This is in line with the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim-Asset) economic blueprint.

Financial Literacy encompasses a range of money topics among the following:

  • Money;
  • Growing money;
  • Banking;
  • Starting a business;
  • The land as the back bone of our economy:
  • Financial crimes;
  • Clean money, Dirty money;
  • Business ethics;
  • Caring for the environment;
  • Giving and community responsibility;
  • Government obligations;
  • Business management;
  • Budgeting;
  • Beneficiation;
  • Value chain;
  • Supply chain and logistics.

All of these have been carefully designed to suit the needs of each age group. Students will have the opportunity to practice co-operation and team work as they engage in our activities.

The future of our country depends upon our children. Habits are formed in childhood. What we need is to teach the young and upcoming generations to realise thrift and entrepreneurship coupled with industry and the land as these are necessary for wealth creation, management and thus grow our economy.


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