JSC issues warning to fraudster

Crime Reporter
The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has warned Percy Mcijo to stop masquerading as an employee of the commission or as the secretary-general of a non-existent union of employees of the commission.

The commission said it was going to report Mcijo, who claims to be the secretary-general of an employees group called the Judicial Employees Union of Zimbabwe, which the commission knows nothing about, to the police.

Mcijo has for the past few years been quoted as a director of little-known organisation called Street Wise Traders Association.
In September last year, he branched out and wrote to the JSC requesting that his Judicial Employees Union of Zimbabwe be recognised.

Following the rules, the JSC asked him to provide proof of his employment status within the groups under the JSC, the register of JSC employees in his union and proof of compliance with the registration requirements for all staff associations in terms of the Judicial Service Act. He failed to do so.

The JSC then investigated further. It was found out that he was not in employment in any capacity in any staff group that falls under the JSC, which automatically meant he could not represent any staff association, and that none of the requirements for registration of a staff association had in fact been complied with.

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