Jonathan Moyo dumps Mugabe Prof Moyo

Herald Reporter

G40 cabalist Professor Jonathan Moyo yesterday finally admitted that former president, Mr Robert Mugabe, was removed from office by the masses, departing from his stance that it was the military that kicked him out.

The fugitive Prof Moyo made the confession in an article he wrote for an online publication ZimEye.

Prof Moyo described the events that led to Mr Mugabe’s resignation last November as a “pivotal trigger”.

“First, while the November 2017 events were a pivotal trigger in the removal of Mugabe, the success of the action required the mass action of November 18, without which the military action would have ended in grief with its makers facing treason charges,” he wrote.

Prof Moyo was categorical that Mr Mugabe was ousted by pro-democracy masses.

“There is no doubt about this. Mugabe was ousted largely because of the subsequent mass action and its consequences. The army fired the first shots and ran to hide behind the crowds, largely people who want real change not thinly-disguised military rule,” he said.

Added Prof Moyo: “So the movers and shakers of the November 2017 mass action were not the army, Zanu-PF or war veterans but pro-democracy MDC activists and affiliates who have been in the trenches since 1999 agitating, under the ‘Mugabe must go’ mantra, for the democratisation of Zimbabwe and adoption of a new people-driven constitution to reform and root out the First Republic established under the Lancaster House constitution whose hallmark was an omnipotent executive presidency.”

During the last days of Mr Mugabe’s rule, Prof Moyo, was a key member of the G40 cabal that used the former president’s wife, Grace, to destroy Zanu-PF from within as he had always pledged.

Together with Messrs Kasukuwere and Zhuwao and Mrs Mugabe, Prof Moyo went on a campaign to dismantle Zanu-PF by targetting senior ruling party members for expulsion by Mr Mugabe at the instigation of his wife Grace.

Senior Zanu-PF members were terrorised by Mrs Mugabe at rallies before they were expelled without following the ruling party constitution.

Meanwhile, the G40 cabalists went on a looting spree in Government ministries that they headed.

When the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commissioon tried to arrest them for graft, they were publicly protected by Mrs Mugabe and her husband.

Arms of the State were effectively disabled as the G40 cabalists called the shots with impunity.

Ever since he fled the country following Operation Restore Legacy, Prof Moyo has gone to town claiming that the ZDF hauled Mr Mugabe from office and insisting that he did not resign voluntarily.

The G40 cabalists even went to court through proxies seeking an order stating that Mr Mugabe was violently removed from office by the army but the courts have ruled the 94- year-old stepped down voluntarily.

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