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Joint ZDF, council blitz restores sanity in Kwekwe

04 Dec, 2017 - 00:12 0 Views

The Herald

Amanda Chikari Midlands Reporter
Kwekwe City Council and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) last Friday launched a blitz targeting illegal vendors and unruly commuter omnibus crews and unroadworthy vehicles.

The council has been failing to move vendors to designated selling points, while commuter omnibus crews were causing chaos in the central business district (CBD).

In January, there were reports that some legislators were actively encouraging vendors to operate in the city.

Kwekwe Mayor councillor Matenda Madzoke confirmed the blitz last week.

Cllr Madzoke said vendors were not only making the streets impassible, but depriving registered businesses of customers as well.

“As a local authority, yesterday (Friday) we called upon the army to restore order as we want sanity in the city. The illegal vendors had become a menace. They were conducting their business in the city pavements, causing unnecessary congestion.

“They were now depriving registered businesses in terms of their revenue as they would block customers entering into shops. Some of them had even created their own illegal second-hand clothes selling bays near the Pick n Pay Store,” he said.

The operations by council and the army, Clr Madzoke said, were also targeting local commuter omnibus operators who where operating from the CBD.

“On the other hand, the local commuter omnibuses drivers had taken advantage and vacated their designated bays and invaded the CBD.

“Therefore, the blitz mainly targeted those operating the Kwekwe-Rutendo commuter omnibuses that operated near the OK shops. We are glad that sanity has prevailed,” said Clr Madzoke.

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