Jilted woman assaults ex-lover


Ivan Zhakata Court Reporter
A Harare man was beaten by his former girlfriend for marrying another woman, a Harare Civil Court has heard. Morris Maunake yesterday told magistrate Mrs Marehwanazvo Gofa that his ex-girlfriend Patience Sikina also insults him using obscene words.

Maunake, who was seeking a protection order against Sikina, told the court that she told him that he should have married her not the other woman.

“She was my girlfriend and she comes to my house and assaults me for marrying another woman instead of her,” he said.

“She also assaulted my wife and bit her left breast. When I was in a relationship with Patience, I used to find used condoms in her house. That is why I dumped her.

“She insults me using obscene words saying she won’t rest and will continue assaulting me until I get rid of my wife and marry her.

“I beg this court to protect me from this woman because her behaviour is bad,” Maunake said.

Sikina refuted the allegations. She told the court that she was not Maunake’s former girlfriend but his wife and she was shocked to hear that he was married to another woman.

“He is lying. I am not his ex-girlfriend but his wife,” Sikina said.

“The main problem is that we had an argument and I moved out of the house only to return and find him married to another woman who happen to be my friend. I have never assaulted him as he has alleged,” she said.

Mrs Gofa ordered Sikina to stop abusing Maunake in any way and to keep peace with him at all times.

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