Jere defends Tutisani, Chitembwe

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Jere defends Tutisani, Chitembwe Farai Jere

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Eddie Chikamhi Senior Sports Reporter
CAPS United president Farai Jere has come out guns blazing in defence of his deputy and co-shareholder Nhamo Tutisani who has been targeted for abuse by a section of the club’s supporters.

A group of the club’s supporters caused scenes at Nyamhunga following the 1-0 defeat to ZPC Kariba at the weekend, denouncing the Green Machine vice president in song and dance. The supporters demanded answers as to why coach Lloyd Chitembwe has been missing on the team’s bench with speculation in the overdrive that he has been involved in a major fallout with Tutisani.

The club yesterday called a Press conference addressed by club president Jere. He was flanked by Tutisani, Chitembwe and his backroom staff. Jere said he was worried his partner Tutisani was being targeted for no apparent reason.

“That is speculation. It’s natural, remember in the past it was Joel Makuvire (who fell in the same predicament) then Cuthbert Chitima.

“Everyone knows that Nhamo Tutisani is responsible for the day-to-day running of the team, so if things are not going on well they speculate that maybe he is the problem or is the cause of the problem. I want to make it very clear that there is nothing like that.

“Honestly, Nhamo Tutisani is not just a director or worker at CAPS United, he is a shareholder and I don’t see any reason or any sense in him trying to divide his team and make it lose when he is putting money into the team. It’s his investment. You cannot invest into something and expect it to fail. It was mere speculation because the coach was not around,” said Jere.

Jere reiterated that Chitembwe, who had been thought to be on his way out, remains the team’s head coach. He said there were no divisions in the club and explained that the coach missed recent assignments because of illness. Makepekepe have collected a single point in their last four matches and the dip in form, and the absence of Chitembwe, has fuelled speculation.

The 2016 championship winning coach was conspicuous by his absence in Kariba at the weekend. Chitembwe also missed Makepekepe’s last match before the three-week league break when they played a 3-3 draw against TelOne at the National Sports Stadium.

“The coach was not feeling well, I think you are quite aware of this serious flu bug that has been going around. With football you don’t want to mix your players when you have flu because you can affect the entire squad. This guy is quite a seasoned player and coach and he knows about these things. Otherwise we could have gone to Kariba without a team, everyone down with flu.

“So the coach wasn’t feeling well but as you can see he is here with us and he is now okay. He is back at work and you will see him tomorrow at training,” said Jere.

Makepekepe vice president Tutisani confirmed at the media conference that winger Gabriel Nyoni is leaving for Maritzburg United during the window.

“We are excited for the young man. He made the grade, he is now going across to Maritzburg United. We are just about to finalise the finer details.

“At least we have got one export this year and in terms of our objectives and policies we would want to grow football careers of or players. We pray for him and hope that he goes beyond the South African league,” said Tutisani.

Veteran defender Method Mwanjali, whose contract expires next week, has expressed his desire to continue with the Green Machine.

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