January silences guitars, drums

14 Jan, 2022 - 00:01 0 Views
January silences guitars, drums Janet Manyowa

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter

January is arguably the quietest month in showbiz. The way it silences the guitars, the cross rhythm of drumbeats, the vocals and the fancy footwork, makes the showbiz industry resemble a cemetery. Deafening silence!

January is the first month of the year and since it comes in the aftermath of prolonged festivities where extravagance rules the roost, revellers normally hardly have anything left to spend.

What with the opening of schools and the cocktail of demands that go with the first term?

It is the month when most people do not have money to spend because of commitments such as  school fees, and other bills that have to be paid.

While this is  the case, however, the last thing people want in January is to spend more on other things other than basic essentials.

And this is why showbiz takes a break.

Entertainment is good but not as important as paying your rentals, groceries or school fees for your children.

The cry, however, is not universal. A few prefer to enjoy the most in January, even hosting of shows.

A good example is of songstress Janet Manyowa. She opened the year with a show which was fully packed.

Maybe some gospel lovers were starved of shows since Covid-19 affected them during previous years.

Today would have been an entertainment guide, checking and knowing who is playing where. There are few artistes still pushing harder, having shows. Some said they were using the month to spend time in the studio, perfecting their works.

A survey by The Herald Arts revealed that the sector is very low on  shows,  even for those who prefer performing virtual shows .They say they, too, are taking a break.

Explained Tendai Makutu, a regular reveller:“Just a snap survey shows most pleasure spots in Harare have gone quiet.

“There are no patrons frequenting those places as they did in December.

“Most places were hives of activity through live shows which gave artistes big business. But now there is silence,”.

Of course, others would argue that there is still covid-19 lockdown regulations due to fast-spreading Omicron variant but again there are those places that used to abide by regulations.

The places would allow the regulated 100 patrons in and also manage physical distancing. That said, the issue of lockdown and curfew isn’t impacting more than the fact that people are now broke.

But on the other hand, musicians should take advantage of the break to focus on their work and create more products.

Even under lockdown people still listen to music to lighten their mood. For musicians, there is nothing like retirement.

They belong to the stage and should work on stage.

At this time of the month, money is too tight to mention so much so that even the person you call your best friend might be deep in debt.

This leaves the showbiz as non-essential aspect of life, at least during the month of January.

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