@JAMWANDA2 ON SATURDAY: Of Anglo-American phoney strategy President Joe Biden

Joint American-Norwegian State terrorism

So an American journalist, one Seymour Hersh, has now confirmed what we have always known, namely that the United States of America and Norway blew up the Nordstream gas pipeline which used to deliver Russian gas to mainland Europe?

One cannot think of a worse act of bi-national State terrorism and environmental crime against humanity since the Second World War.

Of course Seymour has to prepare for a Julian Assange fate. Or simply some unexplained slug in his old head, for exposing an abomination. The Empire never forgives.

Indicting conspiracy to silence

What one found quite astounding is the combined institutionalised conspiracy to silence on both sides of the Atlantic, with the usually strident Anglo-American media going totally mum on this great revelation, or trying to use both the deadly earthquake in Turkey, and the comically absurd Chinese balloon incident, to overwrite narratives on this monumental act of State terrorism and environmental crime against humanity.

A high altitude balloon floats over Billings. The huge, high-altitude Chinese balloon sailed across the U.S. drawing severe Pentagon accusations of spying and sending excited or alarmed Americans outside with binoculars. – (Larry Mayer/The Billings Gazette via AP)

It is a typical cynical strategy of America to seek to profit from a stupendous human tragedy, or the obverse, to turn a farcical incident into a false tragedy of monumental global proportions.

Whichever way, both America and Norway seek to delude the world, their silence over this piece of serious investigative journalism is all that is needed to tell who dun-nit!

Struggle for market mastery in Europe

The rationale is pretty obvious. Both America and Norway are gas-selling nations whose effort to dominate Europe’s energy sector has always come to grief because Russia is a more efficient and thus cheaper supplier of the same.

Much worse, Russia is embroiled in a war with America’s proxy state, Ukraine. However the war is couched, this conflict ostensibly between Russia and Ukraine is fundamentally America’s abortive way to fend off a determined challenge by Russia and China to its global mastery, post the bi-polar era where the then Soviet Union played counterpoise to it in all respects.

It cannot be hard to fathom why America would need to curtail this natural, resource-based comparative advantage which its main challenger, Russia, has!

And why it needed the collaborative input of a Nordic State geographically contiguous to, and in direct supplier competition with Russia, to actualise that sinister plan.

Monopoly energy capitalism

I don’t need to recall Biden’s own threat against Nordstream gas pipeline; Biden’s push to force the whole of Europe from funding Russia’s special operation in Ukraine through what America called Europe’s gas windfall to the Kremlin.

And when all that failed, how America mobilised NATO countries — themselves consumers of Russian gas — to create a demander’s cartel where, in a twist of common economic logic, gas-demanding countries sought to impose a price cap on a sole supplier of the same!

And how this American-coerced demander’s cartel would elicit a predictable response from Russia, in the process transforming mainland Europe into an exclusive, monopolistic gas market for America pre-eminently, followed by Norway and the United Kingdom.

An exclusive market for a supplier thrice as expensive as Russia, Europe’s natural supplier! And that is the situation now, thanks to both the alienation of Russia as a source, and of course this attack on the main supply way from Russia to mainland Europe.

Enemies inside America’s NATO

All of which is to say? Firstly, that America is at war in Europe, and will stop at nothing, including environmental terrorism, to turn the tide against Russia.

Second, that America interprets threats to its slipping global dominance and dominance in Europe more broadly than just the threat posed by Russia.

Part of that threat comes from within its allies in NATO, principally Germany and France, who have to be put down alongside Russia, using this one war in Ukraine!

Both the Germans and the French have always known this grim fact, particularly during the era of Angela Merkel, even though post-Merkel Germany lacked the boldness to stand up to America.

The sabotage on Nordstream has the effect of slowing down the European economy, thus placing Europe back into the servile status it was thrust into in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War.

It remains to be seen how Germany, itself leader of the European Economy, reacts to this revelation.

Whichever way, Germany either takes a strong position against America, against the American-instigated conflict in Ukraine, or it ceases to lead Europe against American dominance.

This has deep implications to the reigning team in Germany! One hopes the world, led by Russia, China and Germany, can sponsor a resolution of terrorism against America and Norway in the United Nations General Assembly!

Oppenheimers technically back Chamisa

The Oppenheimers and their Brenthurst Foundation are at it again? Having sponsored regime change in Zambia and Lesotho, they think they can do the same here in Zimbabwe, and later in South Africa?

Of course they failed to topple the MPLA in Angola, even though they shook it considerably.

Working in cahoots with the Americans and the British, they have now begun to up the ante against Zimbabwe and the ruling Zanu PF, ahead of the crucial 2023 Harmonised Elections.

Mr Nicholas Oppenheimer – (pic from thebrenthurstfoundation.org/)

They are backing Chamisa, technically backing him as the evanescent face of opposition in Zimbabwe. In reality, they seek to use him as a Trojan Horse for now, with their real horse being Tendai Biti, himself deeply enmeshed with the Americans, the British, and both’s pseudo-corporatised arm, Nick Oppenheimer’s Brenthurst Foundation.

Phoney strategy, literally

Of course all three have started their propaganda war against Zimbabwe and Zanu PF through a phoney offshore, British-based opinion pollster called SABI Strategy Group, which is led by Greg Mills, behind whom is Tendai Biti, several high-ranking characters opposed to Zanu PF located in different regions of Africa, principally here in our Southern Africa and West Africa.

And phoney is the word! Cut from organising against Zanu PF inside Zimbabwe, the so-called SABI Strategy Group has had to rely on dubious opinion survey tools handled through cellphones. Quite phoney, literally!

Whys and wherefores

What prompts all this? At the core of this whole insidious and assiduous campaign are corporate interests, principally mining! Zimbabwe is such a big mining trophy to remain under the control of truculent forces from liberation politics.

Forget everything else which purports to be outcome of this phoney, telescopic survey. At the heart of it all is a sentiment — presented as a finding — claiming that the majority of voters in Zimbabwe, and by extrapolation, in Southern Africa are not just tired of politics whose essence is in founding processes of liberation, but have also reached the “conclusion” that their woes and falling welfare are synonymous with those “dated” politics! It is a wish projected as a finding, indeed a time-worn narrative which the likes of Stephen Chan and Cheeseman have been pushing for quite some time.

Stephen Chan

The key thing now is to bring it down from ivory tower discourse into everyday, mainstream political sensibility as Zimbabwe moves towards political decision.

You get that, you understand what is at stake, and why phoney bodies like SABI Strategy Group are needed to channel the combined might of powerful States and entrenched corporate interests, using usable African faces as facades.

The Second Republic’s “mortal” sin

The highly mineralised Zimbabwe under Zanu PF made one cardinal sin: it orbited out of the Anglo-American political and corporatised sphere, and chose to pursue an independent mining/resource policy, partnered by the “odious” Chinese and Russians, and now Belarusians!

Given Zimbabwe’s highly mineralised status, and her growing influence on the African Continent, liberation politics which she espouses have to be stopped, and its baneful or pernicious influence on the Continent rolled back.  Short of a military invasion, the ballot is the best avenue, and hence the meddlesome activities of the Anglo-American world.

As old as Henry Kissinger, as young as Biden

Why now? Not quite now.

The Americans and the British have always pursued a containment policy in Southern Africa, right back to Henry Kissinger’s seventies.

Even in 1980, there was a spirited attempt to stop Zanu PF. Zimbabwe is yet to have any plebiscite in which Anglo-American interests — whether political or corporate – have not sought to meddle.

However, both the 2018 and 2023 plebiscites respectively saw and will see an escalation precisely because of the nature of the post-2017 political order, from which Anglo-American interests expected much! Anglo-American interests expected the Second Republic to genuflect; that has not happened, to incandescent anger of both.

Overall, the strategy is as old as Henry Kissinger, and as young as Joe Biden!

Continuing, extraordinary threat

Worse, unlike the First Republic under late President Mugabe where politics were belligerently anti-West, the Second Republic’s politics are less talkative but seriously organisational in pursuing exactly the same politics of disengaging Zimbabwe’s economy and fate from the rapacious West.

Here is one dispensation which has reorganised the State into some competent entrepreneurial outfit which plays in an enlightened way politics of resources and the market!

This new-found capacity poses a continuing, extraordinary threat to Anglo-American interests in Zimbabwe and the SADC Region, as never seen or experienced before.

Zimbabwe risks breaking through the Anglo-American entrapment without Western support. That is a frightful prospect to interests which believe they must have a finger in every systemic pie. Therein lies the essence of what Brenthurst is all about.

A very goodnight Nick!

Of course both the Oppenheimers and their Anglo-American godfathers have a huge chink in their armour.

They are very vulnerable in ways only matched by Zanu PF’s counterpoising strength.

Nick Oppenheimer has taken a huge risk by siding with the American and British-sponsored opposition.

He stands to lose in the end, unless he steps back from this war against Zanu PF he clearly knows is unwinnable.

About that, let this donkey bray no more. From animal kingdom, it is a very goodnight Nick!


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