Jamie Foxx finds it ‘‘really hard’’ to date in Hollywood, but says he is single and ready to mingle.

The ‘‘You Changed Me’’ hitmaker insists he is ‘‘single and ready to mingle’’ despite being linked to Katie Holmes since last year. Asked about his current relationship status, the 47-year-old star told E! News: ‘‘How did James Brown say it? I’m ‘single and ready to mingle.’’

‘‘Love’s hard anywhere though. It’s really hard out here. But I been out here so long, it’s like you just sift through, sift through . . .’’

The ‘‘Django Unchained’’ star who has daughters Corrine, 21, and Annalise, five, from previous relationships recently admitted his eldest child is eager for him to settle down.

Speaking to about the inspiration behind another one of his new songs ‘‘I’m Supposed to Be in Love by Now’’, he said: ‘‘My daughter was like, ‘Dad, when is it that time? When are you going to settle down?’’’

And so the song comes out, I’m supposed to be in love right now, looking at my life, and so it really resonates, and it’s from a piano which I haven’t really done on the other albums. This is a breath of fresh air.’’ — TMZ.

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