Jah Prayzah thrills at Joy Centre

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Jah Prayzah thrills at Joy Centre Jah Prayzah

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Jah Prayzah

Jah Prayzah

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Contemporary musician Jah Prayzah had a good day in the office when he put up a good show at the newly opened Club Joy Centre in Glen Norah on Saturday night. The crooner, who barely had time to rest after treating his fans to a high-octane gig in Nyanga the previous day, measured up to the task when he serenaded his fans for hours with good music and well choreographed dances.
The moment he got on stage, he wasted no time and immediately belted his first song, “Gochie Gochie”, a sing-along track, which turned out to be an energiser for those who had planned on enjoying the show while seated.

Although it was his first time to stage a gig at the joint that opened its doors to the public a few weeks ago, Jah Prayzah quickly aclimitised to both the venue set-up and its growing clientele, and immediately declared that he felt at home playing at the venue.

“Tiri heavy heavy! Tasvika pamusha wemafaro,” he chanted, as he stepped up the tempo.
For the next few hours he was on stage, he never showed any tiredness as he jammed one song after the other, a development
that was warmly received by his fans, who were now dancing in circles, while others formed a long winding queue, resembling a train.

Jah Prayzah, who is currently riding high with his new album “Tsviriyo”, no doubt made Saturday night a memorable occasion for residents of Glen Norah and its environments, because he gave his best, in both the quality of the music and the well choreographed military “drills” that have become part of performance-package.

The young crooner has steadily grown his brand. When his fans attend his live shows, they will not just be there for the music, but also to watch and marvel at his “military drills” that are often led by the comedian Lloyd Kurima known as Mabla 10, in entertainment circles.

As has become a norm, the crowd shouted in jubilation when he belted the track, “Machembere”, taken off from his latest album. Strangely enough, the crowd’s response on the song is always the same whenever Jah Prayzah plays the song, whether it is at Hwenjes in Glen Norah, Jazz 105 in the capital or right in Kitsiyatota in Hurungwe.

If anything, the song, in which he calls out to his elders to cleanse him from a curse that has affected his life, often elicit the same response from most fans, who become emotional and begin to rant and rave about their own problems to no one in particular.

It was the same response that Jah Prayzah received from his fans and he had to play the song twice due to public demand.
With songs like “Ngoda”, “Murume Wangu”, “Rufaro”, “Tsamba”, “Sisiriya”, “Vana Muchimana” and “Yambuka Rukova”, he kept his fans entertained up to the early hours of Sunday, when the guitarist strummed the last string, signalling the end of the show.

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