Jah Prayzah speaks on army regalia

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Jah Prayzah speaks  on army regalia

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“The Zimbabwe National Army has no problem with my army regalia. The regalia including the beret, are in fact different from that of our army, it is an imitation of the Germany Navy,” he said.

The “Tsviriyo,” hit maker said he had more than 20 military fatigues in different colours and shapes that he specifically wears on live shows.
“I don’t go around wearing the army regalia, I only wear it on live shows only,” he said.

While he bought some of the military regalia in the United Kingdom, the rest comes from a South African based designer.
“I have at least ten pairs of army boots which complement the camouflage which my fans are used to during the live performances. They are also tailor-made in South Africa and

I can put on any colour at any given time,” he said.
He however could however not divulge the amount he splashes on the military gear but investigations showed that each set of the Germany camouflage regalia is worth around US$300.

Born Mukudzei Mukombe, Jah Prayzah who does not hide his admiration of the army said he had since written to the army seeking permission to wear the regalia.
“I wanted to join the army but something happened and that is why I am not a soldier at the moment. My admiration of the uniform inspired me to rope it onto my regalia.

“For the mean time, nothing stops me from wearing the army regalia. As a formality I have written to the army seeking clearance and I am waiting for their response,” he said.
Jah Prayzah’s opening up follows outcry from the public who queried why he was to wear an imitation of the army regalia.

In the past the musician has met army chiefs wearing the regalia at KG6 and he even performed at the army’s charity event wearing the regalia.
He has been noted on some of his shows being escorted by army personnel.
On that he said, other musicians that include Alick Macheso and Suluman Chimbetu were also accorded the same privilege of using the army escort on certain occasions.

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