‘It’s now a family affair’

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‘It’s now a family affair’ Tryson Chimbetu with wife Nyarai and son Naison (Jnr)

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Tryson Chimbetu with wife Nyarai and son Naison (Jnr)

Tryson Chimbetu with wife Nyarai and son Naison (Jnr)

Godwin Muzari : Arts Editor

Dendera musician Tryson Chimbetu, who recently admitted that feuds with fellow musicians were hampering the development of his career, says his wife’s assistance and guidance have made him a different man in the music industry. Tryson’s wayward behaviour led to unnecessary clashes with promoters, band members, fellow musicians and sponsors, which negatively impacted on the Dendera musician’s mission to keep his father Naison’s music alive.The musician says he no longer makes his artistic decisions individually because he now treats his career “as a family affair” after recognising that advice from his wife on his conduct in the music industry has been “massively helpful”.

Tryson says sharing wisdom with his spouse has brought positive results in his bid to shape a new brand that is hinged on new approach to professional matters.

The musician married Nyarai Mukumba in 2014 and the two were blessed with a son, Naison (Junior), last year.

The new responsibilities as a father and husband have awakened Tryson from his slumber and his wife admits a lot has changed in her husband’s way of doing business since they discussed the matter as a couple.

“When a man grows to become a father some things have to change. I can say he is maturing and there are a lot of changes I have been noticing in his conduct. We regularly discuss issues to do with his career and he is prepared to take my suggestions,” said Nyarai.

“We agreed that a better brand can only be achieved if all matters in the industry are professionally attended to. I am not taking an active role in the band and I will not interfere with his work. I am simply a concerned wife who wishes the best for her husband and family.”

However, Nyarai said it took her time to adjust and fit into a musician’s life because of the hectic schedule that the profession sometimes involves.

“I was happy to be in love with a celebrity, but I initially underestimated the responsibility of a musician’s wife. It is not easy to immediately understand their busy schedules. Sometimes they spend days on national tours and almost every weekend they spend nights away on duty. When you imagine all those female fans screaming for your husband when he is on stage in a faraway place at night, you surely need tolerance, understanding and trust to be comfortable as you sleep alone at home.”

After taking her time to fully understand and accept her new role, Nyarai is now prepared to be part of her husband’s career development and Tryson is a happy man because of her decision.

“It is true that she took time to accept that she would spend those nights alone as we toil on stage in various parts of the country. I am happy she is now giving a hand in my quest for a new brand,” said Tryson.

“She makes sure that I have enough time to rest after busy shows and also ensures that I do not miss important appointments.

“You know, at times musicians are said to be bad with punctuality because the job is tiring and you need a good balance between assignments and appointments.

“She manages my programme well. Even when I am going to the studio or for rehearsals, she emphasises on the importance of being punctual. She chooses what I wear on stage and always encourages me to work hard.

“I have a good helper indeed and I am confident that the new approach that I have decided to take in my career will be successful. I have a shoulder to lean on and the need to care for our son Naison pushes me harder.”

Nyarai was introduced to Tryson by her sister about six years ago. She says she knew her would-be-husband’s name but had neither met him nor listened to his music although she was a Dendera fan who liked Simon and Naison Chimbetu’s songs.

She was invited to some of Tryson’s shows and they got closer until they became an item. Tryson wrote some songs, including the popular “Vhura Door” (Chihera), for Nyarai and she enjoys the compositions.

He also has a song for her on his upcoming album “Kilogramme” that will be released before the end of the year.

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