It’s Dendera vs Zimdancehall at Tanza

It’s Dendera vs Zimdancehall at Tanza Suluman Chimbetu
Suluman Chimbetu

Suluman Chimbetu

Arts Correspondent

“We have done many shows with Soul Jah Love and people like our combination.”Chitungwiza will tonight witness a dendera versus Zimdancehall battle at Tanza Centre when Suluman Chimbetu shares the stage with Soul Jah Love and Ricky Fire. The musicians have shared the stage at various venues before and they take their act to Tanza Centre that has become popular with merrymakers from Chitungwiza and its surrounding places.Sulu and Soul Jah Love’s relationship goes beyond the stage as they have done a duet together, “Nyuchi”, that features on the dendera musician’s album.

The show is part of Easter holiday events that Tanza Centre has lined up to entertain their patrons during the long weekend.

Sulu’s publicist Joe “Local” Nyamungoma said the event will be an opportunity to reunite with their fans in Chitungwiza after a long time.

“We have not performed in the town for some time and we are happy to go to Tanza Centre with our Zimdancehall brothers. It is a public holiday and fans should indeed be in party mood, so we invite them to come and party with us.

“We have done many shows with Soul Jah Love and people like our combination. Our previous shows left lasting impressions and we hope this Easter event will also be memorable,” said Nyamungoma.

Tanza Centre manager Richard Chibvongodze said the show is part of their artiste programme that would see a number of musicians performing at the venue.

“We are overwhelmed by the response we have received so far from our patrons. The place became very popular in a short time since it opened and the numbers are increasing every week. The last time we hosted Jah Prayzah we had a big turnout,” said Chibvongodze.

“We will try our best to keep our patrons entertained. The feedback we are getting shows they are enjoying our current programme and service. We will have more big artistes coming for shows here to add to various entertainment activities that we have every week.”

Tanza Centre will tomorrow host a clash of dancers featuring Zoey and Bev while their resident DJs will take patrons through exciting sessions throughout the holiday.

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