It’s all about  fun this holiday!

The August holiday is action packed with a lot of activities to keep teenagers entertained

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It’s Showtime! It’s just a day since the Harare Agricultural Show kicked off and a lot of activities have been lined up for the duration of this annual event. The hype is hitting again. If you check closely the coming week is all about fun.  Teens are spoilt for a choice and the bottom line is they need to plan for the coming week.

“Parents should know what their children are up to this weekend as a lot is happening. They should sit down and plan, making sure that though their children are having fun they are safe. We want to avoid the Cottco festival situation where bad morals were observed,” said one parent.

Starting off with the agricultural show,  many teenagers like the Amusement Park for joy rides not forgetting the fireworks display.

“I love going to the agricultural show because of the fireworks not necessarily the face painting and the various competitions conducted there,” said Pamela Magutya (18).

Some have argued that with times changing, many teenagers are now going to the show not to learn but to have fun.
“We grew up wanting to go to the show to see livestock, but now it is a thing of the past. If you look closely these days it’s all about fashion statements and the gigs. We no longer want to hear about the livestock as it’s for our fathers,” said Tinotenda from Waterfalls.

He said the only interesting sites were housed in the home industries section.
“The home industries at the show serve a great purpose as they are career oriented. My favourite stand is the Air Force of Zimbabwe where we get to have a feel of the guns and what is it like to be a soldier,” he said.

Well, this year’s edition is bigger and better when it comes to fun and empowering the youths.
“There are some workshops that are to be conducted to promote the teens and youth lifestyle,” said one adult yesterday at the Showgrounds.

Apart from that the colourful drum majorettes, there is face-painting, horse rides, water-gun shooting and bubble blowing.
On the fashion side, teens are parading their outfits like it’s a designer’s show let alone keeping the swag.

Don’t forget to always move around with your elders so as not to get lost. Avoid entertaining strangers, and an interesting point to note –  we all know you like your gadgets like cellphones and iPads, it is important you keep them safe so that you don’t move around flashing as it attracts thieves.

Away from the agricultural show, teens can also look forward to loads of fun.
For those who love reggae, all roads lead to HICC while the swag-stars can make a way to Waterwhirld for some light music.

Again the Jibilika festival is on next weekend at the Zimbabwe College of Music.
“I think the August holiday is the best because it is action packed. I advise teenagers to take it easy because a lot can happen. Think of what happened at the Cottco festival last term. Teenagers should stay away from alcohol. It is just one day and remember the following week is back to school,” said Cherise Maparadzi (19).

The Cool Lifestyle team will be there with their swag on some of the events, so make a date and get to meet the team.

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