It’s a must to watch Tv

It’s a must to watch Tv IK and Minnie to host this year’s AMVCA’s show
IK and Minnie to host this year’s AMVCA’s show

IK and Minnie to host this year’s AMVCA’s show

Silver sreen By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

I hope Tuesday finds you well. Remember a simple hello could lead to a million things. Well, many critics compare television to a mind-altering drug. While the medium has been greatly abused, it still has great potential that has not yet been realised. Critics of television imagine a television viewer as one who sits entranced before a magic box, unable to turn away from the constantly changing images that entice, assault and stupefy.

Television is proclaimed to be a mind-altering drug, one that leads to isolation and depression; it is a killer of time and creativity; it is obnoxious, sensationalist, violent; it is a vast wasteland.

Author Matt Bynum points out that television would serve as an educational medium, so some thought; through it, viewers would be transported to distant lands, to the cutting edge of scientific research, and to the stages of Hollywood.

Modern day critics of television have been correct in their assessment of how the medium of television has been abused.

But the answer to the problem of modern day television, according to many, is to “turn it off”.

The problems associated with modern television viewing are real.

But the problems involve more than the television medium; the problems are complex, intertwined with other problems that plague modern society.

The story of modern television is a tale of excess.

Television viewing is different from reading a book.

While reading a book, the brain is given the task of creating a world of visual associations; but while viewing television, the constant stream of images relieves the brain of the visualization task.

Apart from providing hard news, TV is also a cherished form of entertainment and is also wonderful for relaxation.

All this came after a devoted hour at DSTV Ebony Life channel 165 which focuses on daily upbeat news segment.

I enjoyed shows such as “Moments” and “ELR8D”.

On “Moments”, there are interviews we never heard about or celebrities we dare to watch but have something to tell that was never written before by journalist.

I can equate the show with “Tonight with Zororo” although the Nigerian show has an excellent setting, maybe because of resources.

Mind you, I am not dissing TWZ but brought it up so it relates closer to home, to what I am discussing.

I like the camera work and presentation.

I later realised that Zimbabwe also needs that support when it comes to preparing such programming because television is not only happening in our homes but the Government should chip in to assist to improve quality.

Of late there have been adverts in the newspapers to attend the ZimDigital Process workshop in Mutare in which artists, content creators, film industry personnel, aspiring filmmakers and tertiary institutions should take part.

Please avoid raising complaints after seeing blunders on our national television yet you have been invited to contribute your experience.

I rest my case on that one.

By the way, we are still in the awards season and it is just two days before the Zimbabwe Musical Awards (ZIMA) show takes place at HICC.

Our advice is that they should not take a leaf from the previous year’s edition or the recent one, National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA), not in terms of organising or award allocation but covering the event.

They should also consider that not everyone who is going there is attending to witness who is the biggest winner but some to look at how people are dressed.

If you want to make more money, put the red carpet on the spotlight.

I am not telling them what to do but better give the viewers value for their money if covering the event live or pre-recorded.

Back to DSTV, Africa’s biggest awards show in film and television Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs) are a week away.

Recently, Africa Magic and MultiChoice in association with Amstel Malta, announced the two hosts for the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs).

The multi-talented, fan-favourite IK Osakioduwa returns to host the awards for a fourth time and he will be joined by a new co-host, Minenhle “Minnie” Dlamini.

Regarded as the hottest woman on South African television, Minnie is an actress, TV presenter, radio DJ, brand ambassador, MC and fashionista.

The director, M-Net West Africa, Wangi Mba-Uzoukwu, said: “We are excited to present Minnie as the co-host of the 2016 edition of the AMVCAs.

“She joins an elite group of people who have hosted the most prestigious celebration of film and television talent in Africa.

“Minnie brings to the stage excitement, fun, intensity and wit; her pairing with IK guarantees a great show and there’s no doubt that our viewers are in for a great time.”

Speaking on the announcement, Minnie said: “I am very excited to be on the biggest platform for celebrating talent in Africa. The AMVCAs recognise and celebrate film and television talent across Africa, and as a proud African, I am truly delighted to play a role in this celebration.”

On March 5, 2016, Minnie will take the stage alongside IK to present the 4th edition of the AMVCAs to viewers across Africa and the rest of the world.

The AMVCAs will be broadcast live on all Africa Magic channels on DStv and GOtv.

Nominees for the 2016 AMVCAs were announced on December 11, 2015 and public voting closes on Friday February 26, 2016.

There are a total of 26 voting categories for the 2016 AMVCAs and viewers can vote up to a hundred times on multiple platforms including Wechat, mobile and web.

Too bad Zimbabwe is not in any category and I won’t start the debate because of late we have heard that our so-called producers not only shun the awards show but are ignorant of them.

It is a case of a fish in a frying pan – the blame game, while others say the awards are only targeting Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.

So is that the reason why they chose Minnie to host the show because there is no-one from South Africa on nomination list or it is about populace?

We won’t dwell much on the Africa Magic debacle.

Till next week, happy viewing.

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