It is men’s duty to love, respect creation in total

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It is men’s duty to love, respect creation in total

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Prince Chovanga Masukusa Correspondent
After man’s fall, as chronicled in the Biblical book of Genesis, The Lord God began to reconstruct what the devil had destroyed when it inspired Adam’s disobedience to The Lord God.

The Lord God began His reconstruction work by selecting Abram. This man was full of faith in The Lord God. He was chosen to become the vessel through which The Lord God’s Presence and Rulership would be re-instituted upon the created world, which had previously been under The Lord God’s dominion through man.

Through Abraham, The Lord God built a nation of those He called His Children, with His laws, to serve Him Alone instead of idols, as had become commonplace all over the rest of the inhabited world. By so doing, The Lord God elevated the Israelites over the rest of creation, calling them His People and referring to the rest of humanity as pagans/heathens, people without The Lord God.

This favoured position of privilege and preference in the Presence of The Lord God, caused the Israelites to elevate themselves and despise the rest of humanity. This is the paradigm that steered Prophet Jonah’s actions upon being sent to Preach to the people of Nineveh the Message of Repentance.

The inhabitants of Nineveh were not Israelites. If The Lord God was going to destroy them, then Jonah was definitely happy with that. They were getting what they deserved for being pagans.

Hence, Prophet Jonah is not ashamed to sulk at The Lord God, upon seeing his prophecy of doom not fulfilled, after the people of Nineveh had repented. Jonah 3:1-4:4.

Jonah wanted the inhabitants of Nineveh to die. This is the reason he had initially chosen to be disobedient to The Lord God’s Directive.

Jonah’s state of heart was not right and it was the foundation of his warped worldview. Jonah confined himself to the carnal limited perspective. He failed to ascend to The Lord God’s vantage point, to see the bigger picture. 1 Corinthians 13:9-12; Isaiah 55:8-9.

Prophet Jonah was conversant with The Lord God of the Israelites. This Lord God was angry with all other peoples for their idolatrous ways. Unfortunately, the Prophet was not acquainted to the The Lord God of creation, who had created everything and loved every part of His creations, including those idolatrous pagans. The Lord God didn’t hate them. The Lord God hated their idolatrous ways. 1 Timothy 1:11-17.

The Lord God is bigger than our mindsets. Constantly, He calls us out to a place of expansion in our world-view. The Lord God causes His rain to fall on the fields of the just and unjust. Matthew 5:44-45; Luke 6:35.

The Lord God causes His sun to rise for the just and unjust. In other words, The Lord God feeds the just and unjust. It is soil, air water and the sun that together manufacture food for mankind. Acts 14:15-17.

“Abram, get out of your tent and behold the bigger picture. Genesis 15:1-6. Apostle Peter, get out of your Judaism mindset and eat that which I have cleansed. Acts10:9-48. I am not only The Lord God of the Jews but also The Lord God of creation.”

Prophet Jonah’s distorted view of creation is reflected by man in his relating with the rest of the created world. Man, enthroned on his Lord God given seat of pre-eminence; belittles the value of the rest of the created world, as he transacts with it.

Wantonly, man exercises this position of privilege’s authority. Animal and plant extinction or threat thereof, have been caused by man’s irresponsibility and selfish attitudes, as we shortchange nature.

Vast tracts of vegetation are destroyed by man’s insatiable lusts and sheer carelessness. Global weather patterns are now seriously inconsistent causing widespread hunger and disease. All this is being caused by man’s egocentricity. Man’s actions pompously declare that the rest of creation is of no consequence in The Lord God’s sight, elevating our kind only.

The Lord God is The Lord God of creation and not of mankind only. Everything The Lord God created plays an indispensable contributory role in the sustenance of existence. Disturbing a part of the interlinked relationships, destabilises the delicate equilibrium maintaining existence, fast tracking the total collapse of life.

At one point The Lord God’s Holy Spirit manifests as, “a sound of a mighty rushing wind”. Acts 2:1-2, 4a (KJV). At another time He is described as, “Rivers of Living Water”. John 7:38-39. In the Kingdom of The Lord God there will be no sun or moon, for His Glory will be the light thereof. Revelation 21:23.

When The Lord God revealed Himself to Moses, The Lord God instructs Moses to remove his sandals, “. . . for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground” Exodus 3:5d (KJV)

The Lord God encourages us to be holy for He is holy.1Peter 1:15-16. The Lord God’s Spirit is The Spirit of holiness. Romans 1:4. His Name is Holy Spirit. In this instance, the ground Moses is standing on is referred to as holy. Praise the Lord!

All these are inanimate parts of natural existence to which The Lord God likens Himself, manifests Himself as, or ascribes His Divine attributes to.

Therefore, to disrupt weather patterns, is in itself a disturbance of The Lord God; for the elements are His servants too. The Lord God can occupy them and also manifest through them.

When Apostle Peter went to Preach to the Gentiles for the first time, as he Testified the Word of The Lord God to them, the Holy Spirit descended mightily upon them. This amazed Apostle Peter and his Jewish colleagues who had accompanied him. Acts 10:44-48. They thought that the Holy, Pure, Clean Spirit of The Lord God could not dwell in unclean pagans. They considered the Spirit of holiness to be their sole right and testimony of elevation above all other created beings. The Lord God Sovereignly corrected that mindset, by manifestly infilling those they considered unclean. He did so, because He is not limited to being The Lord God of the Jews. He is above all, The Lord God over all of creation.

Therefore, man should similarly respect water, air and all other inanimate parts of existence, for The Lord God can and does inhabit them, changing them from ordinary to extraordinary.

If everyone in the world refuses to worship The Lord God, He can convert the stones into a Worship Team. They will do what mankind has refused to do. Luke 19:37-40.

What am I saying? I am saying, “all inanimate parts of creation were created by The Lord God and He loves all parts of His creations, just as much as He loves me.” It is man’s duty to love and respect creation in total, because The Lord God entrusted its care into man’s hands. Psalms 8.


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