It is examination time again

Fadzayi Maposah Correspondent

I AM doing my best to live a healthy life.

I am not perfect but I try. Once in a while I will curl on a couch and literally vandalise a packet of crisps or biscuits.

I will read the ingredients contents and then say, “It is just this moment Fadzi, it is not like you do every day.”

I will do a lot of self-encouragement and keep chewing. Then I will blame my hormones for my behaviour and then like I always say, I will repeat the lines slowly: Hormones have no manners.

I will listen to myself as I chew whatever my hormones have dictated that day. It is actually amazing that on some days I will walk into the kitchen and leave without any temptations.

On some days it is like all the snacks look at me and call me by name!

I have been doing a lot of self-introspection regarding these snacks that know my name and want to have a close relationship, only call my name on some days!

Other days we just ignore each other and we carry on with our lives. The best thing is not taking them home from the supermarkets, should we not have each other at heart.

On the days that I am not munching at snacks that I later regret I try my best to be healthy. I will laugh and smile and keep lots of gratitude in my heart. That way I contribute to my mental health well-being. As I go about my tasks I carry gratitude counting my blessings and naming them one by one. I am counting my blessings even as I write this.

Another aspect of my health well-being is taking walks. I walk everywhere. I walk when I am happy and feeling on top of the world.

I also walk on the not so good days when I want to cuddle on the couch with an unhealthy snack and get a lot of sugar or salt into my body.

I decided to train my body until it understands that there is work to be done, so we walk it out. Yes you got it right, we walk it out.

My body and I; it is a good deal. Sometimes my body will want to rest and I will want to walk.

Anyway so on one of my walks recently, I noticed that it is getting purple in the skies. Jacaranda trees are blooming. It is so beautiful.

I also have noticed that some jacaranda trees are not showing off any purple leaves but that does not make them any less of a jacaranda. The bark is the same, the leaves are the same yet some have no flowers yet when people see one tree they claim that it is Jacaranda blooming season.

The blooming of the jacaranda means different things to different people.

For others the farming season is nigh and people are doing their best to prepare. Others are reminded how far into the year they have come despite the many challenges they might have faced. Others are counting the menses that did not show up. Others are reminded of the severe period pain that they have experienced.

Jacaranda time signals that the season for final exams is upon us. It is a time that comes with a lot of emotions and many issues that need a lot of support. Those writing examinations are already under pressure.

Parents, guardians and teachers are also under a lot of pressure hoping that candidates excel and proceed to the next stage.

I believe that the parents, guardians and teachers should take adequate rest too, some of the emotional outbursts that happen around this time are because people are anxious and are triggered into flare-ups by some very small issues.

Remember hormones have no manners.

Hormones never go on holiday. It is possible that as “your baby” gets ready to write her exams that the menstrual train also arrives at your house. I am not trying to scare you.

Remember to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

The girl could just be ready to bloom like the Jacaranda and it just happens on the same day as the exams begin or the debut is during exams.

Someone within the family has to remain calm and assure the examination candidate that it will work out fine.

You do not want to be panicking early in the morning when one has to get to an examination centre because you do not have sanitary ware. Nooo.

That will only make things worse for you and the examination candidate.

I trust that these discussions have been taking place throughout the year and in sizes that are easy to take in for the one waiting for the menstrual train.

While noting that its examination time, it is also important to examine how we deal with menstruation so that we remain cool, calm and collected.

Even if inside everything seems to be spinning, take a few deep breathes, hold, breathe out and focus on the issue.

Some who have already joined the menstrual journey and may not experience any menses during the exam period, support them, do not become part of an investigating squad asking them questions that they may not be able to answer. Others may have very irregular periods and on the day of the exam may be `on`. Support. Support.

That word should be our clarion call. So each time you see the jacaranda remember its examination time, not just at the various examination centres around the country but also within ourselves.

Best wishes to all exam candidates.

To the boys, focus on doing your best, should a fellow candidate stain their uniform, do not make it worse by jeering or laughing.

To the girls, period or no period, focus on being calm and doing your best in the examinations.

All the best!

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